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Comment Re:Alternate Theory (Score 1) 172

This is true, but they are also high in carbohydrates. Feeding a mouse low-carb and high-fat could be just as damaging as a high-carb low-fat diet is to a human, not taking into account the sugars, salts and other chemicals used to entice us to eat those high-carb low-fat foods. Of course a high, or even normal-carb, high-fat diet could be just as fattening to the mouse, with or without Aspartame.

Comment Re:Ellen Pao (Score 5, Insightful) 636

If Ellen Pao is involved, I'm rooting for the other side

Ah yes, the maturity level of a twelve year old typical of many Slashdot posters, and moderators too evidently.

Pretty much the maturity level of Project Include towards Y Combinator, wouldn't you say? Or is it only considered childish if it's against something you support?

Comment Re:What Can Go Wrong? (Score 1) 61

This is just infrastructure nothing more.

If you don't know how the IoT infrastructure differs from roads and horse carriages, you really have no business being on a tech site. This has the potential to do serious damage to the very infrastructure it's connected to, not to mention the privacy and security of anyone within range.

Comment Re:Why not just have the rapidly updated one? (Score 1) 113

an aggressive move to help kill the desktop market to drive people towards using devices google makes more $ off of

I highly doubt there's over one percent of desktop users who would give up the desktop because they can't use Google reliably any longer. What I foresee is someone (perhaps one if these desktop using dinosaurs?) developing a Google mobile search plugin for browsers.

Comment Re:Long life (Score 1) 156

Cut out the inflammatory foods (grains), and you won't have to worry so much about clogging up your arteries. Without the cracks and crevices in your arteries, there's nowhere for the buildup to take hold.

Also, plant based protein is not the same as animal based, and, as carnivores, we need animal based protein.

Comment Re: why hasn't apple taken advantage.. (Score 1) 126

If I understand what the problem is, Samsung tried to squeeze the battery into a slightly too thin phone. While this might not present a problem out of the box, nor for the vast majority of owners, all it would take to cause a failure is to bend over to pick something up with the phone in your back pocket. This might not cause an immediate failure, nor a failure be caused by only one flexing of the phone, but I can see many of them developing this problem over time. I think they made the right call. It seems to be a design problem with the phone, and it's too late to redesign and relaunch a new one.

IMHO phones are getting too thin for lithium ion batteries. They need to stiffen the bodies or find a safer power source.

Comment Re: why hasn't apple taken advantage.. (Score 1) 126

But won't Note 7 customers burned by Samsung *already* be looking at Apple now?

Of course they will, they have no choice. Everyone know the only two phone manufacturers are Samsung and Apple.

Oh, wait! For most people, it's the Android experience they're after. Kind of hard to get that while walled up in the Apple jail.

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