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Comment Re:Funny how Slashdot users are okay with criminal (Score 1) 98

Who would you blame if auto manufacturers didn't offer door locks on your car and someone took all your stuff? Or they did put locks on but the key would open all the doors of each model, or even made it where attempting to open the door actually unlocked the door.

I'm sorry, but the manufacturers (not the vendors, Best Buy is a vendor, Seagate is a manufacturer) are responsible for poor/no security on their devices, and until we start holding them legally and financially responsible, breaches like this won't change.

Comment Re:Fucking Useless Shit (Score 1) 178

Holly mother of god DUDE! WTF is wrong with you?? Don't you know if we don't IaTT right fucking now, we might as well start slinging clubs and dancing around the campfire again. CHRIST! What the actual FUCK is wrong with you?!? IoT, dude it's the fucking Internet of THINGS. Fucking THINGS ON THE INTERNET!!!

Comment U.S. Corporations need to pay U.S. taxes. (Score 2) 302

Regardless of where the income is generated, U.S. corporations need to pay U.S. taxes the same as any U.S. citizen. Calculate the tax after all (foreign) wages, expenses and taxes are subtracted. No more of this slight of hand bullshit, pay your fucking taxes or move your corporation. Hell, most have already moved the majority of their workforce, the rest of the U.S. based employees are executives and their staff.

Comment Re:Unlimited data != unlimited bandwidth. (Score 1) 26

You're right. Let all those who have unlimited plans sue because they're not getting infinity bytes at infinity speed. I agree the ISPs should be a bit more clear in their description of service, but the customers need to use a bit of common sense as well. Hell you don't even get unlimited bandwidth between your hard drive or memory and CPU. Are you going to sue the manufacturer of your motherboard?

Comment Unlimited data != unlimited bandwidth. (Score 1) 26

As long as they're up front about the throttling point, I see no problem with this. You're still free to use up all the data you can, just not as fast as before the throttle point. People really need to understand that there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth, especially wirelessly. These are the same people that will sue because they can't watch a movie without buffering and/or stuttering because everyone around them is streaming 4k video as well.

Comment Re:Are we really too dumb to cope with calendars n (Score 1) 28

I've met quite a few adults that can't tell time with an analog clock, some that even think a quarter of an hour is 25 minutes. I'm pretty sure they still teach how to use analog clocks in school, and it's not rocket science. If they reach adulthood without knowing how to use a clock, how many of them can tell you what day is three weeks from today?

Offloading basic cognitive functions to a phone isn't a sign of intelligence, no matter how much they slap the word "Smart" on product names.

There is a difference between lack of intelligence and ignorance, and only one of them can truly be overcome.

Comment Re:well.. (Score 1) 187

None of what you said has any relevance to the article, my post or this school. This is a school that is teaching you a skill that will be with you for the rest of your life -- something you would have to pay for otherwise, and something you should be happy to work hard for. They also are not an employer, who you are free to negotiate your salary with or go elsewhere for work. If you don't like the terms, like I said, you are free to not attend and pay upwards of $20,000 a year and perform however you desire. I'd look at them more of a coach. Do you think the Olympic athletes work 9 to 5 5 days a week? And they usually pay their coaches to work the hell out of them.

Comment Re:well.. (Score 1) 187

It's called attrition.

It's called stupid. The fact that I won't work 12 hours a day 6-7 days a week on somehting for months on end has zero correlation with how successful I will be at something.

Typical millennial. Want's everything handed to them with minimal effort, allowing the vast majority of their time spent on satisfying themselves and their desires.

You know what M*. vux984? This place is giving you an education, with a place to stay during your time there, entirely free of charge, and you're whining about having to work for it? They have a perfect right to make you work hard and prove you are worthy of them continuing to invest in you. If you don't like it, no one is forcing you to attend, go spend upwards of $20,000/year and play to your harts content. At least until you graduate and find you spent so much time enjoying yourself that you didn't learn a damn thing and are now thousands of dollars in debt with little to no desirable skills.

If they play their cards right, these graduates could be highly sought after and paid well.

Comment Privacy is not for all. (Score 1) 182

So what corporate America is saying is that privacy is only for the wealthy now? They have the right to data mine the personal info of the poor for profit and force them to be bombarded by advertisements designed to fool the viewer into thinking they need whatever it is they're being told they need ( pretty much brain wash them into buying more and more Chinese made crap)?

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