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Comment Re:Or Facebook could just pay taxes (Score 0) 58

I am 100% against all forms of taxation, have been 100% against all forms of taxation. I am not against charity though and this is charity.

I wonder why you don't see that this type of charity is much better than any form of taxation for the purposes outlined in the story? So if FB had to pay more taxes than it managed to pay (legally, but I don't care, I think everybody needs to hide 100% of their money from all forms of taxation legally or illegally, whatever) why would it be better for your position? Why would it be better to take money from a company and use it for all the things that government uses it instead of using it specifically to attempt some form of charity that government pretends it's doing?

Let's say FB had to pay 10Million USD in income taxes (I don't know the numbers, could be many times that) so why wouldn't it be better to have that money go directly to the cause they are supporting instead of funnelling it through any form of government at all?

Is it because you cannot stand the idea that there is no oppression by the mob involved there?

Comment Re:This is why.... (Score 2) 203

I say lock up everybody who pays taxes to the government instead of avoiding and evading all taxes. The people paying taxes are directly responsible for the government oppression being perpetrated against individuals, groups, all the war and economic crimes. Governments are the culprit marauders, destroying individual rights and all must be judged and executed AFAIC.

Comment Re:At least Trump may actually do some good (Score 2) 351

OMG, I don't have to make anybody do absolutely anything! Free market is literally one single property: absence of government regulations, nothing else.

There is nothing else in the entire concept of free market, all that it is - it's absence of government regulations. WTF do you think it is?

I don't need anybody to do X or Y or Z, the only thing that is required is that people do whatever the fuck they want and there is no government to regulate them, whether in their personal or in their business lives.

Under those conditions the businesses that cater best to the public desires win and that's what 'free market regulations' are - the winnings go to those, who can satisfy the people's desires the best.

As to private police force, I am 100% 100,000,000,000,000% on the side of the private property owner protecting his private property with any form of private force from the attack by a mob. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I am not imagining myself as anything that I am not, I know exactly where I stand and my position never changed on this matter over a number of decades regardless of my personal situation in life.

Comment Re:At least Trump may actually do some good (Score 1) 351

Direct proportionate capitation taxes, excise, import, duty taxes are Constitutional and were implemented from the beginning of the USA.

Income, payroll, dividend, capital gains, property taxes, death (any type of income and wealth taxes) are unconstitutional and are collected illegally.

Comment Re:At least Trump may actually do some good (Score 1, Troll) 351

The only way this would work is if everyone cooperates voluntarily.

- Jesus fucking Christ, no, I do not believe in voluntary cooperation, I only believe in self interest. Self interest. Self interest. Self interest. Self interest. Self interest.

Ok, now that we got that out of the way (repeat just in case once more: Self interest), try to understand this, a normal ancap or a libertarian does not in any way see people as something they are not. We see people for what they are: self interested, narcissistic, selfish, greedy, jealous, often brutal, sometimes murderous, but most importantly: looking for profit or again, self interest.

Do you understand what I am saying? I am saying again and again, people are interested in their own profit, they are driven by that.

Now, given those preconditions can some cooperation be expected? Certainly, you don't want to get shot, so you don't shoot others just for the hell of it. You don't want to be robbed, so you don't rob others (at least not openly). You may rob others, but most people would not be robbing because most people are not interested living in that type of constant stress. However some people will, which is why you absolutely do need private means of protecting yourself, and this includes private police, private insurance, private courts, weapons as well.

You can't have courts without enforcement, thus private enforcement that would work with private courts.

Comment Re:At least Trump may actually do some good (Score 1) 351

AFAIC the 'Slave States' had every right to secede from the so called 'union'. Why should the so called 'union' prevent the States from running their land as they see fit exactly? If slavery was actually unacceptable, why would the Constitution be ratified by the anti-slave states in the first place? Maybe that's because slavery was actually a *government policy*, after all the Founders were slave owners.

USA 'flying apart' is not a bug, it should be a feature, so that the Federation would actually give a shit to things that are important to people in different States.

The 'interstate commerce' law has been abused to no end to allow the federal government control over businesses and that goes beyond the powers allocated to that government. Income taxes were not instituted because nobody really had income, people owned land and people imported goods, so the taxes that were Constitutional were direct capitation taxes proportionate to the population of a State and import taxes, excise, duties.

The government, such as it is, abused its powers and imprisoned people for political reasons, people who understood USA Constitution much better than you or I ever would, people who testified in front of USA Congress on the little issue of Nixon defaulting on the gold dollar and predicting the exact outcome that followed over the 45 years since that happened.

While Hamilton did propose a Central Bank, it was not accepted because it was understood that such a bank would violate the money itself. Hamilton was a goddamn counterfeiter and Jefferson understood this well enough and so the Congress did not continue with the bank once the charger expired.

Of-course the second bank was set up and eventually Jackson killed it, but all of these bank shenanigans caused a bank run that for some fucking reason idiots today think was a result of 'free market'. All of the bank runs before and since then were caused by government regulations of the banking system, preventing free market from working.

The Federal reserve was set up in 1913 without permission of monetization of the government debt but of-course in only 4 short years after that the Congress changed the law and allowed the Federal reserve to buy USA Treasury notes, which led to the depression of 1921, which cleared out quickly since the only half decent POTUS USA had in over a century, Warren Harding, didn't interfere with the market clearing that depression, so what followed was known as the 'roaring twenties'.

Then USA government decided to use the Federal bank to buy bad UK debt from France, creating inflation (money printing), with money searching for yield and eventually driving up stock prices, causing a massive bubble that ended up bursting in 1929 and then the pieces of shit known as Hoover and later FDR intervened in a major way, creating what was known as the 'Great Depression' with all of their jobs programs, printing of the money to buy and destroy crops to prevent deflation, etc. SS was set up, minimum wage, the 'great society', pretty much some of the worst ideas in USA history took place then.

USD became the so called 'reserve currency' after the war, at the time this meant that USD was as good as gold (of-course this happened after USA government illegally confiscated gold bullion from people and from banks).

The ever growing government spending from 1950s to 1970s pushed Nixon to default on the gold dollar, when France (again France) decided to make a call on their dollars. The stagflation of 1970s is something that the idiot Keynesian charlattans could not even admit existed, the only thing that stopped that stagflation was Paul Volcker raising interest rates to over 21% in 1981.

The government couldn't stop spending of-course and eventually the interest rates came down, however government spending grew by miles, money printing led to yet another bubble and another recession once that bubble burst in 1987. Then Greenspan decided he wouldn't allow a bubble to burst ever again, so interest rates went lower and lower, Greenspan's PUT became a thing, this was the something that among other problems created the dot-com bubble.

Once that bubble burst, Greenspan and later Bernanke inflated the housing bubble with near 0% interest rates, then it was Yellen's turn to inflate some bubbles, so today we have the biggest bubbles of all: bond, dollar, government bubbles. Once those burst we'll have major fun on our hands.

I have a pretty solid grasp on history of the past and reality of the present and I sort of can see the inevitability of the future and it's not pretty either, thanks fucking government and its banks and taxes and regulations, etc.

Comment Re:At least Trump may actually do some good (Score 0) 351

Nothing happens in vacuum, all property must be private, there shouldn't be any public property at all, thus all of these issues are really non-issues given that it would be the owner of the property who would have to protect his rights against whatever business that say polluted near the property.

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