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Comment Re:Minimum Wage (Score 1) 1094

Your two proposed options are full of assumptions and not the full set of options available. For instance, why would you assume sales remain flat as people suddenly see their spendable income rise significantly? Likewise, a third option is you could reduce your net revenue.

These are just off the top of my head.

Comment First step - hire a consultant (Score 1) 147

This is a MASSIVE undertaking, requiring deep and profound strategic decisions to be made at the highest levels of the company/organization.

To go all in on what advice you might receive from slashdot is fool hearty at best.

Do yourself and your company a favor, hire a world class consultant to come in and provide some advice.

Comment Re:What's the point (Score 3, Funny) 353

I feel the exact same way about all those reckless, careless, risk-taking, jock-want-to-be’s who risk their lives and wellbeing playing senseless games on the field, riding bikes and skateboards without thought or concern, and adventuring up mountain sides without care.

I find it absolutely appalling that I am forced to cough up my money to pay for their reckless behavior, broken bones, torn ligaments, hamstring injuries, and more!!

Comment Re:It is just so horrible (Score 1) 306

I'm going to have to disagree with you. Logic, statistics, problem solving, are all core to CS degrees, so I fail to see where the degree is "irrelevant to IT".

While pursuing my B.S. in Computer Science I picked up minors in sociology and anthropology, and I did take a philosophy course or two... it helped, but not to any degree you imply whereby it would ofset the need for hard technical skills. While pursuing my MBA, I focused on strategy and ops research. I understand so called "soft skills" quite well, and did not need a Psychology degree to obtain them.

So while I agree that logic is a core competency for success in the field, your statement implying "soft skills" trump technical skills is a bit irrational and incorrect thinking. Particularly when you cast aspersions such as "every problem is solved by a binary decision tree" ... that is demonstrably naive thinking.

Comment Re:Not a Luddite, but... (Score 1) 674

Theory is not Law. What you subscribe to is Libertarian theories on market forces. They sound great, but are not at all practical to implement. Reality is far more complex and riddled with exceptions that broad Libertarian theories never seem to account for. And when challenged, the usual Libertarian responds with the typical Darwinian propaganda, something I choose to reject on moral grounds. We are neither zebras nor lions. It is not survival of the fittest. We are supposed to have an evolved sensibility and empathy.

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