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Comment Re:Can someone explain to me .. (Score 1) 473

And on the other hand, you have the DNC, which is of the belief that no one can do anything without their assistance. This coupled with the fact that they want to control every aspect of your waking lives to the benefit of outside influences. Plus the eco-terrorists, and the socialists. And the fact that they don't even think you can get a job on your own if you are black. Nobody ever talks about the positives anymore. Prolly cause they're too hard to see....

Comment Re:Can someone explain to me .. (Score 3, Insightful) 473

This is what sucks about America right now. Minority rule. Yes, gambling affects the people around the gambler. So? Do something about it! Get him to meetings, or an asylum. Stop making your problems the nations problems. And if you really think your poor hard luck brother in law is going to quit betting because it's illegal, you are nuts. 40 years of this bullshit thinking has put us in the toilet. Less government, yes! But more importantly, some top down government please.

Comment Long And Short... (Score 1) 198

As an American. It's about time we all just came to the realization that we, as humans, hate each other. We are like one step away from Jacob's Ladder stuff here. Israelis hate Arabs, and vice versa. We get it. Man, do we get it. People need to start worrying about their own countries survival, and stop pouring wasted energy into the problems of nations that they either chose to leave for greener pastures, or are so far generationally removed that it has no real bearing on their lives today. I am of Grecian decent, but I really don't care what happens to their economy. That is a mess they made, and at some point my Great Grandma decided to get the fuck up out of there and come here, so if she were still alive, I assume she wouldn't care either. Natural disasters are a different story. Nobody should be that cold hearted. But problems that arise because people can't agree on something? Figure it out your damn selves, and if you are losing that much sleep over it, MOVE BACK and try to help. So I know this sounds like a crass argument, but deep down you know it's true. Start living in the now! Worry about where you live, not where you used to live. Because if it was so damn awesome you'd still be there. But if you choose to stay, then that's even better and I love you for it. We just need people to help get us out of the hole, rather than bitch about who put us there.

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