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Comment Re:Security is a big selling point (Score 1) 312

...or you've only been hit by professional trojans, viruses and worms as opposed to adware and scareware. XP is bad not only because it's exploitable, but because it's exploited *without the user noticing*.
Ever wondered why your Internet connection is so slow? Ever wondered how spammers manage to send such volumes of mail? How do you know your computer isn't lurking on irc://evil.net/DDoSonDemand, waiting for a signal to take down an anti-NATO blog?

It's not a coincidence that most of the malware we see looks /so/ amateurish and so full of spelling and grammar errors. "Nobody'd fall for that." But what about the not so amateurish malware? What about botnet worms with backing?


Submission + - Apple brings server computing to the masses (networkworld.com)

jbrodkin writes: "The Mac OS X server software is one of the least heralded parts of Apple's business, but it may soon take on new prominence by being merged with the basic Mac desktop operating system. Lion Server will be sold as a $50 add-on to OS X 10.7, turning just about any Mac into a server capable of hosting email, wikis, and large file stores for other Macs, iPhones and iPads. Assuming Apple doesn't require users to upgrade from Snow Leopard Server — which costs $500 — then the $50 price could really expand server computing to a new demographic."

Comment Re:Chester Wisniewski's point is invalid, IMO (Score 1) 98

Yes we will. We'll distribute custom images and install them onto our phones.
First one buys the phone, then one buys the OS. Android seems like a fine choice.

The only problem is manufacturers not specifying interfaces to the hardware. Do not buy hardware for which full specifications are not available as you won't be able to utilize the hardware is you wish.

Comment Re:Chester Wisniewski's point is invalid, IMO (Score 1) 98

That's why everything is standardized. That way you can patch your kernel and win32 and unix subsystems without braking your window manager and web browser.
Imagine if OEMs bundled Opera and dwm with their hardware.

I'm sorry, but if you've bought a computer that brakes horribly when you try to use it and make it execute code, you've been ripped off. Check if your warranty's expired.

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