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Comment Re:If people would fight their tickets... (Score 4, Insightful) 286

Here is my problem with contesting parking tickets. I once had a rental in Chicago (as I did not own a car at the time) that I had for a weekend. About a month later I got a parking ticket in the mail forwarded on from the car rental agency for parking in a no-parking zone. However, I never parked there, nor was in that part of the city. I am guessing the meter maid wrote down the wrong date or time on the citation as I was never there.

However, I was presented with two choices: 1) Pay 75 dollar fine 2) Take a day of vacation time to go to the city and contest it on a Thursday.

At the time, I made an after-tax rate of around 150 dollars per day. Even if I could do it in a half day, I am paying 75 dollars to possibly recoup 75 dollars. If I lost the argument, I paid 75 dollars to pay another 75 dollars. This is a real kobiyashi maru type situation for me, in which I just paid the ticket. It wasn't fair, it wasn't right, but it's the choice that makes the most sense.

I've also got a parking ticket that I didn't feel was just for being parked in front of a fire hydrant. That time it was me driving, however, I had pulled over to the side of the road to use my phone as I was getting an important call. While I was on the phone, (with four way blinkers on) a police officer came up and asked me to move, which I did. Before asking me to move, they took a picture of my car and sent in the ticket. This was completely legal (I was 'parked' in front of the hydrant), but completely unjust to me. Again, it wasn't worth my time to try to contest it. It was legal but unjust (in my mind)

Comment Re:Size problem? (Score 1) 655

In France, eating pigeon is quite normal from what I saw when I visited. I had pigeon prepared three or four times in the two weeks I was in Paris, and it was delicious every time. If I recall, pigeon was brought to the US from Europe (as it is not indigenous here) as a gourmet food.

As to why we don't eat it now, my guess would be shifting demographics, but I do not know for sure.

Comment Re:Modernist Baking? (Score 1) 51

I would suggest looking into this book (really a textbook): "How Baking Works: Exploring the Fundamentals of Baking Science" by Paula Figoni. It is designed for the baker, not the chemist, but it does explain how different ingredients react and uses 'experiments' where the student prepares food in a variety of ways with different ingrediants to see and taste the difference. I purchased it as a gift for my wife who is a bit of a geek herself and loves baking. She found it very good and informative and helpful to understand how to create one's own recipes.

Comment Re:Thank our politicians (Score 2) 303

I think it might be somewhat alleviated by priority boarding/priority security lanes. I used to fly a few times a week for work, so I had status on a few major airlines. It would usually take me 10-15 minutes from arriving at the airport to being through security. Usually there was no extra scanner, just a metal detector. That combined with the other passengers knowing what to do made it a very efficent, somewhat painless process. I am guessing any politician would be going through this kind of lane.

Comment Re:Bout Time (Score 1) 582

Now if only Amazon would start letting us choose USPS over UPS for package delivery. As an apartment dweller, this would make my life much easier.

Absolutely this, I am tired of trucking my way down to the local UPS distribution center to try to get my packages. Really reduces the usefulness of Amazon. USPS on the other hand delivers my package to the rear of my apartment building. UPS gives up and puts a note on the door.

Comment Very old three year old? (Score 1) 537

I don't think the complaint is that the Windows 8 interface is hard to learn, it seems pretty simplistic. The argument that the user experience of Windows has been more-or-less consistent since Windows 95. Unlearning 15+ years of an interface is difficult for anyone, but giving a three year old something that is new for him at a time in his life when learning isn't an exception it's the absolute norm is not a valid test for the hypothesis concerning the general public adoption of Windows 8.

Comment Virtual Reality mirrors Reality (Score 3, Insightful) 233

If, for instance a electronic trading firm decided to offer shares at far below market price and I decided to buy, they only need to put in a call to their local stock exchange to cancel it. How is this any different? ArenaNet accidentally offered something for sale for too little money, and the players, being rational consumers bought at a low price and sold at a higher price. This is capitalism.

Comment Re:Standard connectors? LOL you wish! (Score 5, Informative) 427

You realize that the dock connector is more than just a USB cable with a weird connector at the end, right? The new 19 pin connector would presumably do the functions of the current 30 pin dock connector, which allows full digital video and audio out, analog audio and video, and control data simultaneously over one connection. I don't believe that this is part of the USB standard.

Comment Re:Interesting times we live in... (Score 1) 330

"Some researchers have suggested that drinks containing higher alcohol concentrations are more deleterious per gram of alcohol than drinks with lower alcohol concentrations. The evidence for this hypothesis, however, is weak and inconclusive (Doll et al. 1999)." Source: http://pubs.niaaa.nih.gov/publications/arh25-4/263-270.htm

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