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Comment iPhone and INet (Score 1) 149

What really concerns me with the iPhone is that there is no control for net access.
While every application using GPS must be confirmed internet access is possible.
I would like to see something like a an app-whitelist to manage that.

Turning the data-modes off in the preferences is imho very inconvenient, but of course is
the most secure solution.

Comment Re:Do drug trafficers use the same methods? (Score 1) 847

Who knows :)

Maybe it ends up as a spy vs. spy game and the agencies use cunning plans working with that situation. I only hope that they are up to the new information realities - and I doubt that.
(I live in germany - but I think we have a similar situation. And the the police is heavily underfunded for state-of-the-art work - imho, of course)

The thing is that I do not believe that "War" should be fought in the way it is and that there is a solution of any kind as long as it always ends in the extremes (no drugs vs. all drugs - I think there is some middle ground). But that is not the topic.

Comment Do drug trafficers use the same methods? (Score 1) 847

I cannot assess the legal situation here, but another aspect of the story is interesting:
Is it that easy for a - maybe crazy - person to gather all that (confidential or not) information about the police/DEA officers than
I think it is rather save to assume that the big time drug dealers/cartels already use the same methods (including honey-trap style personal information gathering etc.) and have most likely a pretty good picture of the law enforcement situation. That does not bode well for the War on Drugs (or whatever it is called...)

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