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Comment Re:Content waning, incompetence rising (Score 5, Insightful) 44

Netflix is getting hammered with PR and backroom dealings by the media companies that don't really want it to succeed. If they raise prices or simply don't negotiate to allow Netflix to even have their shows, they reduce Netflix influence. Luckily, Netflix has started creating their own shows and they are ALL killing everyone else as far as quality. Stranger Things, Luke Cage, Daredevil, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, they are actually making content that is worth watching. Everyone else is trying to set up their own streaming service, but in the end, none of those services will survive past life support against superior capabilities by players like Netflix and Amazon.

Your issue with Netflix sounds like an ISP issue or a device issue, not a Netflix issue.

Comment Re:After reading discussion in the pfsense forums. (Score 1) 64

TThey also took over the m0nowall domains from it's creator and instead of maintaining them as-is, they redirect to their own domain and crown themselves as successors to the legacy of that project, when really, pfSense is that.

If that m0n0wall piece is true, these guys are obviously looking more at $ and not community.

Comment Re:Why they forked (Score 1) 64

The OPNsense project wants to partner with business and make a success of it together. This is why we have a partner program where businesses get project benefits while supporting the project financially.

To get listed as partner of the OPNsense project means an annual investment of € 2500.
Special partners are assigned the Platinum Partner status. These are the partners that made an exceptional contribution to the project.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

These guys just want their version to be the go to version so they can cash in on OSS on their chosen terms instead of ESF's, all while riding others works...

Comment Re:I am sure (Score 2) 301

In fairness, CSI:Miami had Horatio going his ass down to Brazil to shoot some motherfuckers to death extrajudicially. NCIS has Jethro Gibbs that sniped the cartel leader that had his wife and child killed, extrajudicially. Every show like that does the take the law into your own hands sooner or later. Its entertainment, but its also unusually accurate b/c all these agencies do in fact skirt the law, all the time. We only accept it because we don't actually know about it.

Comment Re:Hyberbole much? (Score 3, Informative) 278

Sorry that's now how it works. The TSA is a government agency, not a private organization, they don't get to ignore your rights, regardless of any conditions your sign or agree too with a "private" airline. You literally cannot sign away your rights like this.

Even in criminal plea deals you still have to declare guilt to a crime in court in front of a judge.

Comment Re:So, in other words (Score 1) 136

It's always amusing when someone tries to supplant a definition with the slang of it. Sorry, but VPN is already well known in 'modern times' regardless of what the new generation of kids try to appropriate slang as while not understanding any of the underlying technology. The VPN slang is still the same exact thing, you must not understand that it just routes traffic out to the internet differently based on different use cases.

Comment US News is at least full of shit on this (Score 1) 289

I watched a few minutes of CNN last night, they were bringing on any asshole to try to talk up the idea of a bomb on the plan. Plans can actually have internal explosions not related to a bomb. The speed at which the British trotted this bullshit out was suspect. Either they had intelligence and didn't do anything with it, or it's just a propaganda game being run by intelligence services. Either way, it's just spitting in the face of reality that people died and an investigation is required without a predisposition for the conclusion to be a bomb.

Comment Re:drones (Score 0) 318

What safeguards? Owning a gun? Did that keep any of that shit from happening? Freedom of speech? Freedom of the Press? Freedom of Religion? It all means nothing if we don't stand up to the bullshit when someone tries to normalize some fucked up behavior like that. Where the fuck were all these freedom loving libertarians when the towers fell and Bush invaded Iraq after already hitting Afghanistan?

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