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Comment the Netherlands launch (Score 1) 19

In the Netherlands Amazon Prime has been launched as well. I was just looking into it. The first hurdle is the primary payment method for internet orders is unavailable. IDeal is used in 90% of internet transactions in the Netherlands, more than half of the people here do not have (or want) a credit card. Additionally Playsation 3 and 4 apps have not been launched and chromecast support is not available yet, no ETA either. This in contrast to the cairfull launch of Netflix years ago. IDeal and apps were available from day one. Netflix had a serious market share in just one month!

Comment last year was a shift from ransomeware to crypto (Score 1) 36

In my work I have been encountering ransomeware at client computers for some years now (fake police type mostly). The news about cryptoransomeware has been flooding around longer but last year was it popped up on my watch. This year it popped up more. Most got away ok with backups/cloud sync or it started encrypting files that were not that important. Only one has payed and reversed the encryption (before consulting me). This is not yet a flood but I suspect it will get worse and someone without backups will be encrypted and the price will be too high or the unencryption key will not be delivered.

Comment Re: Sounds like an ad (Score 1) 316

This, really when the business is changing all the time and when data is pulled for one manager for a report that will be used for only a couple of months. Perhaps it is not perfect, perhaps is is only 70 percent ok. But having 70 in 2 hours only to te discarted in 6 months is better than 100 percent ok after one year.

Comment unintended consequenses on extreme measures (Score 1) 161

Extreme measures have extreme disadvantages. After 9/11 pilots were given the ability to lock their cabin to prevent terrorists from taking a plane. The Germanwings incident show this locks out the good people as well. Preventing encryption will be celebrated by terrorists, they could gain much more knowledge from plain data in transmissions.

Comment No trust for ANY OEM from my side (Score 1) 266

Ever since Windows 7 pc's have been loaded with crapware and "enhancing experience" so hard it slows new pc's to a crawl. Almost every OEM has customer feedback background service that does not turn off after answering the user does not want to participate. For all customers I wipe pc's and install it with an MSDN downloaded installation before it is first booted. This has included lenovo machines in the last years. Glad to see I was right to do so. I have access to MSDN If you do not and download elswhere, please compare hashes of downloaded and Original iso files, you do not want to replace your OEM crapware by other malware. pro tip, your windows 8(.1) windows key is stored in the bios and not on a sticker. this can be recovered with "rw-everything", microsoft has official dummy keys you can use while installing (but will not work to activate)

Comment Rubiks cube Speedcube (Score 1) 266

I voted Rubiks cube. Even when the Original cubes turn AWFUL!. Modern derivatives called speedcubes are awsome. still if the Original did not excist the deriviatves would also not excist so i voted Rubiks.

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