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Comment I can name that tune is 4 steps. (Score 1) 479

1. lower the Teacher to kid ratio to less than 20:1 so each child that needs the extra one on one attention from the teacher receives it. 2. Make sure that teacher providing the attention is well paid and well educated themselves to deal with different learning models 3. restart and make mandatory the non traditional activities that stimulate the mind & body outside of education like art, music & drama 4. a computer built into every school desk and a computer issued for home use to every single child, stripped bare of extras and used for educational purposes only.

Comment Re:One more issue (Score 1) 1065

If you owned a shopping mall outright, you would either have revenue from the rents you collect to pay the tax, or if you owned every business in the mall you would have the retail sales as revenue to pay the tax

Comment Locke and Demosthenes (Score 1) 67

I was wondering when it would be possible to quote and requote the amazing debate that will change our society as we know it and transform us all into peace loving philanthropists who respect life. Oh wait! that debate happened already in irc chat.

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