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Comment Re:Revisionism (Score 3, Informative) 461

Microsoft Windows 95 was released on August 24th, 1995.

So, either all of those places (and a good chunk more) have been "fixed", or you're the one trying to change reality.

Comment Re:Internet hypochondria is already a phenomenon (Score 5, Interesting) 245

I was having some pain in my chest a couple of years back, and did some research on the internet, but none of the symptoms fit. So, I went to my doctor, and told him I'd done some research, but it didn't seem like a heart problem. When he looked surprised, I asked him if I was the only person who'd said they'd looked stuff up on the internet, and decided nothing was wrong. He said, pretty much, yea.

(turned out to be a minor stomach problem, all fixed now - thanks doc!)

Comment He's right, sort of (Score 1) 160

To me, he's right. There is a trade off between convenience and privacy, and I'm okay with that. What I am not okay with is changing the rules once you've got my content, just to benefit yourself.

It should be a law (or something), that privacy options cannot be changed without your consent. Hell, I can even be bribed - you can sell my data, but I get a cut.

Comment Re:The Gamertag Report (Score 1) 303

I have an okay roundhouse kick. It is the getting kicked in the face part I don't like so much (especially since I've gotten oh-so-old), which is why I don't go to the local martial arts center to improve it.

If the form of my kick affects how much "power" my virtual kick delivers, then I would get _really_ good at kicking.

And I bet you would, too.

Comment Re:Rules of Thumb (Score 1) 168

That first one - double the time - makes me laugh because of a true story.

I was responsible for determining how many servers would be required to consolidate a bunch of older, underutilized servers into a farm environment. I took a good look, and decided that we could do everything we needed to with existing servers.

Well, that wouldn't work, so I requested two new servers. At least we wouldn't have to worry about end of life of the existing boxes, and there was plenty of budget. Besides, you should always estimate on the high side, right?

I took that to my manager, who immediately doubled it. Of course, his manager and the PM agreed to double that.

So, we ordered up eight machines.

When the project was done, it turned out my original estimate - zero servers - was correct.

Of course, now that we had a farm of eight machines, we had to come up with a way to manage them. But that's a different project...

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