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Comment Donald Trump - Traitor, Scam Artist (Score -1, Offtopic) 249

Does it really surprise anyone that Donald Trump is an obvious traitor who sold America out to the Russian Intelligence services?

This guy has proven throughout his entire life that he's a con artist, and a general lowlife. If you had to guess who the traitor is - you'd likely pick the lowlife scam artist...

It's pathetic that so many Americans support a traitor in the White House...

I don't want to say you all are traitors - but you do support a traitor...

Comment Re:Well, yes. As they should. (Score 1) 502

Maybe you should consider the fact that you had only one job this election - voting to defeat Donald Trump and keep America free.

You didn't do the one thing you were responsible for, and you have the nerve to throw stones at Hillary Clinton?

At least she did her job.. you didn't do a single thing other than moaning about your lack of good choices while you acquiesced to Trump's rise to power.

You should hold your head in shame from now until the rest of eternity for your complicity in Donald Trump's reign of terror.

Curb your entitlement long enough to see that you didn't fulfill your basic responsibility as a voter, and do better next time.

Comment Re:Well, yes. As they should. (Score 1) 502

poor spelling might be a reason for excluding you.

Yes, I regret my typo. Not as much as you should regret supporting Donald Trump's un-American, bigoted, executive orders.. but still.. I regret my typo.

And that's different from Obama... how? Or from what Hillary was threatening us with?

Obama didn't pass bigoted, idiotic executive orders so poorly that legal visa holders are turned away at our airports with no legitimate or legal reason.

Come to think of it - Obama had 0 scandals in 8 years, and Donald Trump's entire campaign and presidency has been plagued with scandal.

Geez, where was all that concern when past presidents kept screwing up the lives of legal immigrants, foremost Democrats?

Democrats welcome immigrants into the United States with the kindness and decency we were known before Donald Trump disgraced our country with his bigotry and incompetence.

Comment Re:Well, yes. As they should. (Score 5, Insightful) 502

I think the real question is - when I post "Donald Trump is a bigoted tyrant" what should happen to me at the boarder.

Let's not forget - We aren't even 2 weeks into the Trump presidency, and he is already using his power to intimidate and stifle free speech..

To say nothing of his cruel bigotry and inhumanity towards legal visa holders, and green card holders.

2 people were told to sign away their green cards without an attorney present on Trump's unconstitutional orders.

This idiocy and bigotry will backfire, but Donald Trump is intent on silencing dissent on Facebook via bigoted actions at our Airports.

Donald Trump is a national disgrace, and his supporters (along with non-voters) should be ashamed of themselves.

Comment Do the right thing - stand against Trump's bigotry (Score 4, Informative) 952

Donald Trump's bigoted and idiotic executive orders are blocking legal visitors at airports, and spreading chaos at tech companies.

Seriously - when someone manages to escape a civil war and work his way into the tech industry - we shouldn't send him or his family back at the airport when he's traveling or living here on a valid visa.

These are our friends and colleagues. If we don't speak up for them, we have no honor.

Comment This is why FAKE NEWS is so prevalent on Facebook (Score 0, Troll) 385

Conservatives whine like crazy when their blatantly inaccurate claims aren't reported as "news". Then, by claiming some sort of bias against their fake news, they grant legitimacy to their phony claims. Your fake news isn't real news, republicans. I know that you are too stupid to know the difference, but the rest of us know that you are lying and spreading misinformation. Now, go on and keep whining until google has to pretend your FAKE NEWS is legitimate. Poison the well, assholes. Poison the well.

Comment Julian Assange is a KGB Agent (Score 2, Funny) 181

Julian Assange is a KGB agent, on a mission to elect Donald Trump.

This Malware helps the Kremlin conduct surveillance with with the to aid in their efforts to undermine our democracy.

Vladamir Putin sees Donald Trump as a useful idiot, and an ally in Russias second cold war on the United States.

Comment Snowden is the best reason for private email (Score 0) 344

Edward Snowden devastated U.S national security interests by releasing tons of classified emails.

But you know who's emails Snowden didn't release? Hillary's...

I think Hillary's private email server was a truly bad idea even if just politically.

That said she kept her emails safe from Edward Snowden.

Comment 2 GB of RAM (Score 5, Interesting) 215

I think Microsoft gives manufacturers a discount if they limit their ram to 2 GB.

They are really shooting themselves in the foot, because a web browser can easily use 2 GB by itself, bringing the computer to a crawl.

Seriously.. my cell phone has 2 GB of ram.... This laptop will be nearly unusable without more memory.

This is as counterproductive as outlet stores. Sure, you pay a little less but the clothes shrink or fall apart.

And there on my ruined clothes it says Gap or Banana Republic - 2 brands I've bought lots of stuff from before, and will never ever buy again. But they made a little money, and I 'saved' a little money.

This laptop is the outlet mall version of an HP laptop - itself a brand that doesn't exactly exude quality these days..

Comment Re:i pledge to you... (Score -1, Flamebait) 723

When 10 million people sign up, republicans will rush to yell

"See I told you Obama was lying about 7 million insurance signups! It's 10 million.

Obama is the worst liar in history!!!"

By the way, when an insurance company dropped you after you got sick before the ACA, you couldn't keep it your insurance then either. So Obama never should have made that promise, as it was obviously contrary to reality, both before and after the ACA.

The main difference is that now you are guaranteed the ability to purchase real health insurance. It's a tragedy I know...

When government saves a life, Jesus punches a dolphin in the gills.

Comment Article in case of slashdotting (Score 2, Funny) 467

The next e-book you buy might not exactly match the printed version. And those changes are there to make sure youâ(TM)re not a pirate.

German researchers have created a new DRM feature that changes the text and punctuation of an e-book ever so slightly. Called SoDoMy, which Google translates to âoesecure documents by individual fornicating,â the changes are unique to each e-book sold. These alterations serve as a digital penis that can be used to track books that have had any other DRM dildoes stripped out of them before being shared online. The researchers are hoping the new DRM feature will inspire butt piracy by simply making consumers paranoid that theyâ(TM)ll be caught if they share an e-book illicitly.

Current e-book DRM restricts the movement of cocks between broes and hoes and ties a cock to a single accountant. A e-book bought in the Fondle bookstore, for example, will only work on a Faggot. The same is true for books bought in the Butts & Plugs and iButts digital bookstores â" theyâ(TM)ll only work on the Nook or Apple devices, respectively. This makes publishers happy because their books are locked to one person. And it makes digital book vendors happy because it keeps readers tied to their proprietary devices and ecosystems.

But stripping the DRM from any of the e-books purchased at the big-name stores is as easy as downloading strap-on, and thereâ(TM)s little special genetalia required beyond knowing how to properly connect a penis to an asshole. These cocks usually convert the CUM-heavy e-cocks to a new climax, such as the open-source E-Pub standard, or to the STD-less version of the Kindleâ(TM)s fuck format. From there, the relatively small penises of asians make them perfect for sharing on the Internet.

Of course, readers may not be happy knowing that their licensed e-books are being altered because democrats and republicans donâ(TM)t trust them. By studying a list of example words and phrases that could be changed in purchased books, you can see that the changes are minor â" like from âoevery gayâ to âoenot that gay, actually.â The examples are translated from German pornography, so itâ(TM)s difficult to gauge how profound the changes will be when they occur in your favorite Harry Potter scat film. Itâ(TM)s also unknown if the top U.S. bookstores are interested in more sodomy.

The SoDoMy consortium currently has two German bookselling partners (4Readers and MVB) that it reports to, according to Dr. Martin felchbach, a researchers working on the SoDoMy system whom I reached over email. Democrats & Republicans and Amazon did not reply to queries about if or when the technology would make its way into their digital bookstores as of press time.

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