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Comment So, are they lying or stupid? (Score 2) 50

By my understanding, devices they aren't putting Nougat on, like the Nexus 5, are still supposed to get security updates. This seems to be a major security update. So, rather than just put Nougat on the Nexus 5, which they easily could with its hardware, they've committed to individually patching a category of bug that they just put a bunch of work into not having to individually patch. Or is my phone continuing to get security updates a lie?

Comment Re:Broken Windows Policing (Score 4, Insightful) 191

This basically equates to "lock up poor people constantly." They're the ones who are most likely to accidentally blunder into a fine, and least likely to be able to pay it in a timely fashion. They become exponentially less likely to be able to pay after getting locked up, making them even more of a crime risk. So, there goes your "don't have to be a hardass" idea.

The actual solution is to not have small crimes. If it's not important, don't waste fucking resources on it. About half of what cops arrest people for, they should be referring them to social workers instead.

Comment Oh, so that's what's wrong with me. (Score 1) 86

I suppose this is the difference between clinical depression and sadness. When I feel particularly bad, I am often incapable of enjoying things. I don't seek out activities I enjoy as much, because they seem like too much effort for too little gain. I wind up in a rest mode that persists until the melancholy passes or some idea or event jolts me into productivity somehow. This productivity then makes me feel better about things, and when I feel better, it's time to relax and celebrate. I can enjoy things, so I'd better do it while I still can!

Knowing that happiness is temporary, and not something you can sustain by doing the stuff you want, is not necessarily conducive to health. :/

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