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Comment Re: The problem with twitter (Score 1) 81

It is. Turns out that's a more important function than anyone wants to admit. Information that people care about gets passed around quickest and with the most engagement and understanding when they simultaneously have the opportunity to include their input and have no pressure to produce quality input.

Circlejerking is, like it or not, the power core at the center of political discourse.

Comment Re:Did he consider what will be replaced? (Score 1) 1135

1) Taxes? I believe I mentioned that. They're kind of a key feature of any government function.
2) I'm well aware of how far $10k doesn't stretch, since I live on less than that. I'm on SSI. To get by, I have to live with my mother, also on SSI, and my grandmother, retired. But I do get by. It is normal for people of low-income to cooperate in this fashion, and I'd hope it would be seen as even more normal in the near future, considering that automation is about to collapse the labor market. Maybe someday it'll be normal enough that you can still get a date if you have to do it!
3) They don't. But it's better to have $10k than to not have it. I was homeless in Seattle for a little while. There was a very clear divide between me and other homeless people: I had money and they didn't. I wasn't completely reliable on the shelter system for food. I could replace my socks if I needed to. I didn't have to schedule showers a week in advance, because I got a gym membership when they were on sale. $10k isn't enough to be comfortable, but it is enough to stay alive and sometimes even be human.

As for salaries and infrastructure: there wouldn't need to be any. The entire point of UBI is that first letter: universal. The total cost of a program where everyone, regardless of need or demographic, just gets some money is about 0.1% more than the actual money doled out by it. All you need is to verify a person's identity and whether they're alive or not. We already do that for a bunch of other stuff. Just use the existing infrastructure.

"And what the fuck will happen to world politics when the US completely defunds its military?"

Uhh, I dunno. What the fuck will happen to your argument when you explain what that has to do with anything?

Comment Did he consider what will be replaced? (Score 1) 1135

Social Security and various federal aid including SNAP (food stamps) total, from what I'm reading, about $1.2 trillion. Those programs can and obviously should be completely eliminated if we instituted UBI. That leaves $1.8 trillion, and I'm sure there programs I haven't thought of that could also be counted against this number.

The number is still big. It's going to be. Of COURSE you need higher taxes if you have UBI. But it isn't apocalyptic, because we're replacing a number of far less efficient benefit systems.

Comment Re: Why not? (Score 5, Informative) 351

I don't trust them, but I do trust the many scientists saying it's not a problem. GMO crops are a good thing. The problem is what Monsanto specifically does with them. Facilitating the use of toxic pesticide and introducing DRM to the fucking food supply is comic book evil. Get rid of those assholes, not GMO in general.

Comment That's a silly number to trust. (Score 1) 351

Watch that 20% balloon if it ever gets cheaper than the real thing. There are people on food stamps and in college just waiting for this, even if it sucks. Just about everyone will try it, and if it's not total garbage, I'd bet about 80% stick with it. That number will probably wind up fluctuating in lockstep with unemployment rates.

Comment Okay neat, but listen. (Score 1) 114

Sold save some electricity by giving them a place to land, then. Like, say, a little tower? The drones could just pop out of little alcoves and sit in top of the towers. Or heck! Why bother with the alcoves! They can just sit there the whole time! Maybe even weld them right into the towers so they don't fall off.

I'm not sure what you'd call these towers with little cell radios on them, though. They don't fly anymore... Just COWs I guess? Oh, I know; you're saving alot of money, so you can call towers with cell phone drones attached to them Cash COWs!

I'm a genius.

Comment Don't RTFA this time; it's 100% bullshit. (Score 5, Interesting) 729

I'm disabled. While it may be true that I have an unreasonable amount of time to waste, my disposable income is incredibly tight. Despite this, I have a gaming rig, built a few years ago, that still runs most new games with excellent stability and decent performance at 1080p. All told, it cost about $700, which means something better than this one should be significantly cheaper right now. Me and my friend threw the parts list together in the matter of a few hours, because my previous rig had just shit the bed and I needed something in a hurry.

If you can't build a passable gaming PC, you're incompetent, lazy, or both.

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