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Comment I predicted this in 2012 (Score 1) 21


I called out Google as eventually becoming an ISP and media provider, making your Internet provider and cable provider unneeded. One service to rule them all.

They will also become a cell provider - only primarily using WiFi. Google Fi is a step in that direction. I was surprised when they bought Motorola Mobile and then sold them, I expected them to manufacture handsets in house. I imagine they took some intellectual property and then sold it off, opting instead for other companies to compete for their business in the Nexus line.

Comment It was probably.... (Score 0) 156

Some bored dude/dudette from Russia that was going to lose a bet if they did not hack the DNC or RNC site.

Is World War 3 going to be started because Jimmy launched a model rocket in his backyard? Sure it landed in the middle of the Kremlin or on the White House lawn, but lets not jump to costly conclusions.

Reeks of lone wolf like Guccifer 1.0 but I guess we will see.

Comment Giving Surveillance a hug (Score 1) 100

Where are the warnings on it you are being recorded? When was the last time you hugged a mall cop? This thing should have warnings on it you are being recorded up close and personal.

This wonderful bit of technology is one more step towards getting the next generation comfortable to being watched all the time.

And to tie it to Sandy Hook? Seriously? Just like the TSA, this is an improper response to a security problem in that context.

Couple this with the other news about the government not needing warrants for 'public' camera streams and we have a recipe for some real control of the populace.

We are sliding down that slippery slope at a good pace now. Ugh.

Comment Re:Follow the money... (Score 1) 124

In my case, I am a contractor ready to bail because my government sponsor, who is in a big role in a branch of military cybersecurity, is not motivated nor interested in anything that might take effort. Gotta protect his funding line and rice bowl.......

The lack of leadership combined with the bureaucracy has made me lose any faith that things will improve. I work with some people every now and then that are awesome, dedicated and motivated, but like me, they get tired of 'the fight' and take a job outside of the .gov space, getting paid and with about 30% of the responsibility.


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