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Comment Not a free speech issue (Score -1) 1819

The guy did speak, and he got arrested. He did not get arrested for speaking. The police were there to escort him out because the people running the rally asked him to leave (and he wasn't). He continued to cause a scene, so the police were escorting him out. His resistance to be escorted is what caused him the problem, he became a danger by becoming aggressive with the police escort. While the use of the taser may have been excessive, even after he was handcuffed, he continued to resist the police. That amount of police should be able to handle one person, and a taser should not be necessary. But this has nothing to do with free speech. He didnt get tasered for saying anything, he didnt get arrested for saying anything. He got arrested for fighting and being aggressive with the police escorts. No politics involved at all, stop trying to make an issue out of something else.

Comment Multiple Desktops (Score 1) 420

I agree with you on the focus-follows-mouse, and when I got the Mac, I switched my Linux boxes to click-to-focus, just to be a little consistent.

However, if you want to try multi-desktops on a Mac, take a look at CodeTek's VirtualDesktop. I love it, but I find that with Expose, I use it much less than I used to. Expose makes my 1024x768 desktop seem much bigger.

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