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Submission + - What Caused the Oso Washington Mudslide ?

bird writes: This (rather longwinded) YouTube video
of a guy running Google Earth on a Windows box does a pretty good job of presenting a (rather damning) theory of the genesis of the recent landslide in Oso. In short, there was ill-advised logging just above the slide site. Rather excellent for a guy in his basement with access to the same publicly-accessible data and tools that all of us have. Rather.

Submission + - Judge OKs Class Action Suit Against Apple for E-book Price Fixing

An anonymous reader writes: Reuters reports: 'A federal judge in New York granted class certification on Friday to a group of consumers who sued Apple Inc for conspiring with five major publishers to fix e-book prices in violation of antitrust law....The plaintiffs are seeking more than $800 million in damages.' The trial will probably be in July or September. The judge who granted class certification, Denise Cote, ruled in 2013 that Apple was guilty of colluding with other publishers to raise the price of e-books and to force to do the same.

Submission + - Firefox 5 To Integrate Tab Web Apps (

An anonymous reader writes: We are hearing that Firefox 4 is now scheduled for a late March release and that the company has some issues fixing the right bugs as more non-blocking than blocking bugs are patched. However, on a positive note, the UI design team has posted some intriguing mockups of partial Firefox 5 interfaces. The big change will be the creation of a site-specific browser, which turns websites into tab apps within Firefox 5. This is the first time we are seeing Mozilla ideas how to deal with the app-ification of the Internet and a strategy to keep the web browser relevant.

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