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Comment Re:Piracy (Score 1) 270

I must say my whole point again is not that I want something that indeed will never exist... it's that game developers in general won't feel attracted by this console (unless for promoting stuff with ad full apps).

To see my games are being indeed downloaded for free just click on statistics on the video below to see how many hits the video got from cracked app pages. There is a few thousands already (the game currently is on the 100 - 150 downloads on google play). This is obviously only the people who cared to play the video and only from sites that put the video link... (could be that people played and not downloaded too... but even if you consider only 50% of the people downloading it is still a much higher number than the people who bought the game)

Comment Re:Piracy (Score 2) 270

Because in my opinion it's the easiest start point for an indie developer. There is a 25 dollars fee and it is easy to publish and sell stuff. I admit I had this idea that people would mostly get cracked games because they were expensive. This fell to the ground since my games cost only 1 dollar and were cracked anyway. The only thing keeping me making these games today is because I really like making them... If I depended on it to buy food I would have starved a long time ago.

Comment Re:Piracy (Score 1) 270

I would love to... but there is a lot of complications for a small developer to work on those platforms. My main point though, is I don't feel attracted by a hackable console as a developer. A mix of freedom to port to any device (like Steam has) and a closed controlled environment (like a Playstatino 3... sort of) would be ideal for me.

Comment Re:Piracy (Score 3, Insightful) 270

I posted as AC by mistake... but yes I am an independent game developer (not hard to find these days with mobile devices).
And I am not trolling or stupid... I just need to Google my games to know they are available for free and being copied. I have data from my transactions and number of what countries buy or download my games. I can tell that although Americans buy a lot but this is not true for other countries. For instance, one of my games has sold almost less copies than there are download sites with cracked versions of it. The fact some people don't do it don't mean it won't be the main attractive for most people (specially outside us)

Comment Re:Quality? (Score 1) 456

Google+ is not about friends. It's about following people. You can add people and pages and follow their posts (the other guy doesn't need to accept). In the poster side, you can post public posts that people who follow you can read or posts directed to members of specific circles (allowing you to post in privacy). It's a whole different paradigm... it's perfect to follow interesting stuff and filter (or not... your call) the lame posts like those most people post on Facebook.

Comment Re:Core count obsession (Score 1) 207

Video can be handled by the gpu if the gpu has video player acceleration (nvidia chipsets usually do have that) and it has usually a lot of cores too (tegra 2 has 8 cores).
It's been a while since video decompression can be split into many cores... a lot of desktop players do that already (using the appropriate decoders).
Smartphones are computers with mobile network ability. I can't wait for them to evolve and give me the ability to plug it into a monitor and keyboard and do the work I currently still need my desktop for.

Comment Re:LOL ... (Score 1) 310

I totally agree. I am very happy with the current user base. I find Facebook a bit stupid (and by Facebook a mean the content created by my friends) while in g+ plus I have much more useful information (since I'm an android game developer). I love the way it introduced better control of the content you have with the circles.
Instead of bashing G+ people should be happy about being able to have an alternative choice, with alternative type of content (G+ is a better geek world in my opinion).

Comment Re:Core count obsession (Score 1) 207

Are you aware that the android OS runs on a modified Linux kernel? Android multitasks all the time. The fact that it simplifies the UI and gives the impression of a single task being executed does not mean it does not take advantage of multiple cores. Do you really think that the app needs to be smart to use a second core? It's as simple as creating a thread or drawing a graphic component.

Also, video is a great example of a situation where multiple cores are very welcome and would immediately prove 4 cores is better. It's funny you mentioned since tablet users watch video all the time.

I don't get people saying that core count is an obsession... stop saying that tablets and smart phones don't need more than 512k of ram.

Comment Re:Any Tablet that can offer features wins (Score 2) 282

Have you ever checked the android market? There are hundreds of thousands APPs there for users to download and they will run on tablets as long as they announce they support large screens (most people announce any size). I make games for android, and they were all readily available on all tablets as soon as they were released on the market... no refactoring was needed. The tablet apps you are referring too are probably the Tablet ONLY apps those are just a few indeed (assuming you chacked the android market and know what you are talking about... and not only mumbling some rumor you heard from some apple fanboy)... This caused a lot of confusion I guess... kind of back fired on Google.

Comment Re:Why people want to KILL SOPA? (Score 1) 273

It might be natural evolution a lion eating you... but that doesn't mean we should let it happen. Lets say people want to go to a park. And lets say people are getting robbed on the park. What is your advice? Don't go to the park? Watch pictures online of it from the safety of your home. I agree it's the easiest way to deal with the problem. It's easy to say that walking on the streets doesn't cope with our modern world anymore. The fact that people can break DRM easily doesn't mean that every piece of software should be given away for free and that there should be no punishment for people illegally profiting from other people work. (I for one like the old business model of paying for an application... you will find out that free applications nowadays are very, very annoying). basically... there should be ways to punish these "smart S's" who earn money from sharing other people works for free. (again... not saying SOPA is the solution).

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