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Comment Ridiculous (Score 3) 83

Do you think the freshman Congressman from California's Twelfth deserved to sit on HUAC, and how did that impact his future relationship with J. Edgar?

It's hard to imagine anyone who's actually used Siri thinking that question could get a useful answer. Siri can't understand even far more basic English. It's not much more advanced than Dr. Sbaitso.

Comment Re:Well, if you're going to push... (Score 1) 159

Although we can't actually observe what goes on inside the majority of people's heads, we can observe usage through corpora and the like, and it does seem that most people agree that the verb google means specifically "to search using Google". But it's also clear that not everyone uses the verb this way—it's generic for some speakers, and this is true regardless of what any court decides.

Comment Re:If there was only one viable choice ... (Score 1) 159

For over a decade, there's been a simplified search page similar to Google's at http://search.yahoo.com/. Of course, there's no reason to use Yahoo! Search anymore, but they did listen back then. (I was working there at the time, so I have a decent but probably imperfect memory of the timeline.)

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