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Comment Re:Of course entry-level windows is cheaper... (Score 1) 422

I think that one thing that people miss in the "Linux machines should be cheaper b/c Linux is free" arguments, is that Dell (presumably) already has well defined processes to manufacture machines w/ Windows on them. They may not have to pay for Linux, but they do need to develop manufacturing processes to get them on their machines (as well as all of the associated QA, legal, etc... infrastucture). Manufacturing lines of machines with entirely new operating systems is not as simple as you or me downloading an iso, burning it to CD and booting it. These things, to do efficiently and with high quality, do take some time / money / resources.

Over time, once the manufacturing processes mature and they have recouped the cost of development of said processes, at that point one would think that the marginal cost of buying the software should make a difference in the final cost to consumers. It just doesn't make sense to me that the time for buyers to see those savings is now.

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