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Comment Windows Media Center (Score 1) 490

Nah, with distros these days, it's no more than a day to get a basic system up, plus another day of noodling to fine tune things... well, assuming

I disagree. MythTV takes about a day to get to the point of doing "something useful". But I am a Tivo fan and I wanted MythTV to be as much like Tivo as possible. That part, getting MythTV to be like TiVo, took me a about a month.

I used a TiVo for seven years until last week. I got about 99.9% uptime with TiVo over that time. I used MythTV from a distro for the past two and a half years. I got about 95% uptime and there are many little hassles compared to Tivo. I also shut down the MythTV last week.

Now I use a new Windows 7 computer with Windows Media Center. I spent about two months comparing several PC based DVR options: Liquid TV, SageTV, BeyondTV, GBPVR, and Windows Media Center. All were a hassle, each about 100 times harder to set up than Tivo. And each only about 3 times easier than MythTV. For a time I was afraid none would work out. But eventually only Media Center was left standing and now it is working rather well.

Media Center is not quite as nice as Tivo, but it has most of the features I wanted. Plus it has one great feature I always wished Tivo would have: 3X fast playback with audio. A wonderful feature.

Comment Re:Really? This is the world's first? (Score 1) 124

*I* created the world's first 3D web cam. I operated a 3D webcam from 1997 to 2001. And it was not just anaglyph. You could view anaglyph, cross-eyed side by side, wall-eyed side by side, interlaced for certain hardware stereo setups, and jps format for other hardware formats. There is no way these jokers could possibly think they were first, unless they have never visited earth. Unfortunately my web server is down at the moment. Search later for "bruns-cam 3d".

Submission + - Hacker does a DIY Amiga in FPGA (hetnet.nl)

An anonymous reader writes: Developer Dennis van Weeren recently announced completion of his from-scratch completely re-engineered Amiga chipset. His PCB design is fully operational and compatible and his verilog code has been released under GPL. Will this finally give the Amiga community a new breath of life?

Comment Re:here's an example... (Score 1) 416

It's OK for a shadow to move faster than light, because a shadow is not a thing.

The same principle allows the progress of a scan line on a CRT monitor to proceed at faster than the speed of light. It's different electrons and photons showing up farther along the screen, so it's OK for the trace on your screen to move faster than light.

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