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Comment The sheeples' choice? (Score 4, Insightful) 193

For various reasons, I run multiple OS's. I was part of the recent wave of upgrades to WIN-10 because I have to anticipate what my accounting clients are going to run into when they upgrade which they tend to do without warning.

I personally think MS is just assuming that people will run through the process without thinking much about privacy settings and security issues on the other side. I'm a wee bit OCD about that, but the public I try to work with isn't even when they're told to be careful. I'm still baffled by the number of systems I deal with that have either no antivirus or outdated versions, no firewall, etc. Let's face it, if MS gains marketing data in exchange for a "free" upgrade, most folks won't complain. What I'm also concerned about from a practical manner is the fact that various support builds are going to be pushed though without the option of deciding when to install meaning that various drivers that worked earlier are suddenly off in the ozone upon restart.

There is also the matter of when, where, and how MS will acknowledge problems with the OS. For example, the Edge browser seems to have some real issues integrating with printing which simply aren't there when you switch back to IE-11 which fortunately hasn't been removed (yet), but only disappears from view.

MS's view of the future which they've been fairly clear about is a device-spanning OS that they're going to drive and I think that's one of the main things to keep in mind with WIN-10.

Comment Hi - I'm from the government and I'm here to help (Score 0) 33

It used to be that the 3-letter acronyms whose existence was never confirmed - only alluded to - could claim the "right" to hide their malicious mischief under the guise of national security, but apparently no longer. The Federal Bureau of Instigation whose long record of abuse against the unworthy among us is a matter of record now feels free to confirm their addition to the other worthies.

I realize that Bush 43 thought the Constitution essentially a worthless scrap of paper, but, to paraphrase what someone once said over a millennia ago, "Who shall guard against these self-same guardians?"

Comment More on the top - less underneath (Score 1) 69

First - props to developers who put in the hard work to bring these features to market; I guess we'll even find some of them useful.

BUT - IMHO - the 8,000 lb. gorilla remains the crippled Bluetooth stack and especially the HID components that were lost when the transition was made from Mobile OS 6.x; funny how resolving this issue which has over 11,000 votes in some MS blogs never even made the review.

Presenting this OS as business-oriented as some have done is blatantly half-fast as you'd know if you ever tried doing some real work with Office Mobile without something approaching a real keyboard and mouse. Yah - you can get things done, but at nothing approaching an efficient use of time.

Imagine my joy 2 years ago when upgrading to my old-by-now HTC Trophy from my Motorola Q9c only to discover I'd been ambushed by this issue which remains the red-headed stepchild all these years later.

And I'm only one of at least 11,000 still waiting.

The Military

Submission + - PGP Meets The Next Dimension (

biomech writes: Quantum encryption has reportedly been developed by the PRC and offers a radical shift in secure communications from traditional encryption algorithms. Of course, the initial foreseen application involves satellite linkage and military communications, but a new era of "secure" communications has wider ramifications than something strictly military. The article also touches on the facts of improvements in computing power slowly creating obsolescence in old approaches to secure communication algorithms.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Teen hacks $84 million porn filter in 30 minutes

An anonymous reader writes: Tom Wood, a Year 10 Australian student has cracked the federal government's $84-million Internet porn filter in just 30 minutes. He can deactivate the filter in several clicks in such a way that the software's icon is not deleted which will make his parents believe the filter is still working. Tom says it is a matter of time before some computer-savvy kid puts the bypass on the Internet for others to use.

Submission + - Einstein's twin paradox resolved

slashthedot writes: "An Indian American scientist Subhash Kak from Louisiana State University has resolved the 100+ years old Einstein's twin paradox. "The fact that time slows down on moving objects has been documented and verified over the years through repeated experimentation. But, in the previous scenario, the paradox is that the earthbound twin is the one who would be considered to be in motion — in relation to the sibling — and therefore should be the one aging more slowly. Einstein and other scientists have attempted to resolve this problem before, but none of the formulas they presented proved satisfactory. Kak's findings were published online in the International Journal of Theoretical Science, and will appear in the upcoming print version of the publication."
"The implications of this resolution will be widespread, generally enhancing the scientific community's comprehension of relativity. It may eventually even have some impact on quantum communications and computers, potentially making it possible to design more efficient and reliable communication systems for space applications." -lpr021407.php"

Suppressed Report Shows Cancer Link to GM Potatoes 325

Doc Ruby writes "After an 8-year-long court battle, Welsh activists have finally been allowed to released a Russian study showing an increased cancer risk linked to eating genetically modified potatoes. While the victory of the Welsh Greenpeace members in the courtroom would seem to vindicate the work of the Russian scientists that did the original research, there are still serious questions to be answered. The trials involved rats being fed several types of potatoes as feed. The rats who were fed GM potatoes suffered much more extensive damage to their organs than with any other type; just the same, serious questions remain about the validity of the findings. The Welsh group wants to use this information to stop the testing of GM crops in the UK, tests currently slated for the spring of this year."

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