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Comment Re:Good luck with that (Score 2) 94

There's a difference between installation using apt-get and actually serving pages with a full configuration that might include stuff like memcache, drupal, mariadb, in a professionally hosted environment, serving multiple domains. Gimme a break. There's a reason Debian calls its stable repo stable.

Bullshit. We run ubuntu 10.04 on all our servers. Currently we have 20 servers and will increase that number the coming months. Ubuntu has served us very well. I used to run Debian which is almost the same and also a very nice system. So what do you mean? If you run apt-get install nginx on Debian you just get a full config for memcache, drupal, mariadb with that? You actually have to configure those things yourself regardless. We use chef - http://wiki.opscode.com/display/chef/Home - for that. We run things such as redis, mysql, riak and rabbitmq. Apart from our servers we also run small devices in different parts of the world - they run Ubuntu 9.04, been running flawlessly for months (over a year in one case). Ubuntu and Debian are both great - but don't bash Ubuntu just 'cause you don't know any better, thankyouverymuch! And yeah, it's only you.

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