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Comment Re:Why were you running as an admin? (Score 1) 320

...actually, we've been stung by some crap coming via either acrobat reader or flash since those last two exploits were noted. Our users are all unprivileged. Windows was fully patched, SAV up-to-date, etc. This stuff is ready and willing to run with limited rights. It doesn't hose the machine, as you can simply kill the local registry hive to clean it (worst case), but it was nasty none-the-less.

Not saying GP wasn't running as admin, but it's not necessarily a requirement for these nasties any more.


Comment Re:Puppet (Score 1) 904

We're using v2 also, but a friend and I were recently discussing v3 and he pointed me at, which seems to indicate that there is decent support to transition between the two versions, thus doing incremental changeover.

I haven't looked further into it, but on the surface, it looks like a good option.


Comment Re:MOD PARENT UP (Score 5, Insightful) 904

While I _mostly_ agree with this, a nice policy management (configuration management mostly) tool is also essential when dealing with lots of boxes. You want a new setting for all Gnome desktops, simply add it to the policy tool and let it distributed any required config files or run commands to change the setting, etc. This type of thing used to be done with things like: for h in $all_my_hosts; do ssh $h /tweak/some/setting; done

CFEngine and Puppet and friends are a nicer way of doing this. They're "self documenting" in that your write the code and then you can later very easily see when you added some configuration bits, etc...version control your configuration management scripts and you get even better tracking of who did what and when. (A side question: How does one do the version control type stuff in AD?)

While kickstart is great (I use it), it only goes so far. Having a policy manager on top of that (installed and configured in the kickstart) is a beautiful thing!


Comment Re:Puppet (Score 5, Informative) 904

I was going to say CFEngine, but that's only because it's what I'm currently using. I'd love to move to puppet but at the time we deployed CFEngine, puppet wasn't ready for all the things we needed it to do (windows and solaris in addition to linux)...this has likely changed now, but we've got a lot of cf scripts that would need conversion.

Whichever tool is chosen (there are others in this space too), I believe this is the correct answer. I know that CFEngine scares a lot of people off (and maybe puppet does too?), but it is an excellent way to manage a large set of hosts.


Comment Re:CS will end up = programming (Score 1) 474

middle school kids. They don't have to grok it, they just have to have the chance to be inspired by it. Also...if the principal ran into you in

Although, I thinking grokking is an important part, you're exactly right. Inspiration is sorely lacking for most kids in a north american education system (I won't speak for other parts of the world here). Only a few lucky ones have something grab their imaginations in such a way that they're turned on to self learning, etc. If only 'inspiring others' was something easily taught and passed on...


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