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Comment Germany friendlier? (Score 1) 98

Who really thinks that the Germans are more friendly about privacy and encryption? European laws might grant individuals some recourse about the use of data by corporations, but don't count on corresponding constraints on government. The difference between what ends up in German vs American government hands has more to do with how developed their snooping infrastructure is, not on whether the legal environment is more "friendly"

Comment Raw economics? (Score 1) 265

Raw economics is going to drive solar? Really?

This is a subsidy based land rush that will die as soon as the free lunch expires.

And if "raw economics" is driving this, why are California electricity rates so high?

Comment Science? (Score 1) 178

Note that nothing in the linked article says that *scientific* journals are the only problem.

A much more inviting target for cost savings would be the many specialized humanities journals that publish a steady stream of papers that nobody ever cites or even reads. We'd probably be better off if nobody bothered with them anyway - maybe then the philosophy and literature faculty can get back to doing something useful - like *teaching*

Comment Re:Where? (Score 1) 715

The problem is that this is a mostly fact-free article. There's one anecdote about women's experience in the workplace, and a note that female CS enrollment is down, and a link about "brogrammers". Really makes a compelling case - *not*. More revealing is the link that supposedly makes the case that age works against software talent. The linked cites some actual data - but it's about the *semiconductor* industry not software.

Really this doesn't deserve the response its getting here. It's just a third rate columnist blathering on about conventional wisdom.


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