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Comment Re:Yeah... Are they going to indemnify us? (Score 1) 912

Actually I've been using Vista for about a month now, and I have had none of the problems described by, well, lots of people I see complaining. It's not faster than XP, but I haven't found any noticeable slowness. Everything works smooth as silk. All of this elevation stuff? I have Ultimare with UAC turned off, and maybe that's the difference, but I've had not one iota of problem.

Now, I'm a database guy and my friends are all either DBAs or programmers - all of which at the very least have nothing bad to say about Vista and a few even good things. There was apparently some trouble with getting SQL Server and Visual Studio 2005 installed, which I haven't done yet, but my buddy said he did get it working on his laptop with some patches, which might be expected. Of course, we all have pretty beefy machines - while someone's notebook or P4 2 Ghz might be choking on Vista, my 3.2 Ghz Duo Core with 4GB of DDR2 is doing just fine. I also don't use scanners, web cams, TV tuner cards, have an MP3 player I hook up to the machine, or any other funky hardware that Vista might choke on. So far CS3 works; Dreamweaver works; Daemon Tools works; Textpad works; Neverwinter Nights 2 works; FEAR works. It might not be the best solution to throw more hardware at it until it runs smooth, but if you can afford the hardware who the fuck cares?

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