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Submission + - WinAMP: will no longer to whip the llama's ... (

dreamweaver7777 writes: If you have used Windows PCs since the mid-90s, there's a good chance you used WinAMP, a useful (if proprietary) media player. NullSoft, the publisher of WinAMP (now owned by AOL) has announced that the site will be taken down on 12/20/2013. Ah the fun of listening to your completely legitimate music collection (cough, cough) on a customizeable media player with a gazillion options. No more.

Comment Re:Tempting... but no thanks. (Score 1) 93

You'd have to rip the GPS chip out, for example, to actually disable location monitoring.

(Tin foil hat on) And even then, they can still triangulate your location from the cell phone towers. Also, it's possible in many cases to get your location from comparing the WiFi access points that your phone sees to a database compiled by wardriving or from users using something along the lines of (Tin foil hat off)

Comment Re:By mobile broadband they mean.... (Score 1) 93

I did the math, and in an area where Verizon is only deploying on the 22 MHz they have in the C block, it comes to 152.1 T1s per cell site, not counting voice , SMS, and overhead. They probably could cut back on the data backhaul and just deliver slow data speeds, but I can't imagine over a hundred T1s being more feasible than some sort of fiber-based solution.

Comment Some things that cause me to uninstall (Score 1) 243

1) Intrusive advertising. I can live with banner ads, or interstitial ads between levels when they're loading. On the other hand, not so OK with ads randomly popping up between screens for no particular reason *cough*GoSMSPro*cough*
2) Excessive in-app purchasing.
3) Doesn't meet my needs. Could be an important missing feature, it might just not work at all
4) No longer need it.

Comment Re:By mobile broadband they mean.... (Score 1) 93

No offense, but I have to call BS on this:

These towers typically only have a T1 backhaul.

Since T1s are a little bit over 1.5 mbps symmetrical, (1.54 mbps IIRC) this result: seems to disagree with your statement. If I understand Verizon's network setup correctly, I'd guess that they're using at least something like a OC-3c.
Now, if you'll excuse me for a second, a bit of a related rant.
The only problems with my experience with mobile internet are that:
a) Verizon's LTE network is nowhere near as fast as that result in some places where I regularly use my phone.
b) By my calculations. I could blow through my 2 GB data allowance in under 36 minutes just by maxing out my down speed.

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