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Comment Re:Why compare it to the iPod? (Score 1) 490

Boeing has been there longer than Ipod of Tivo. I dont think Boeing sold has many planes as Apple has sold Ipods. Does that mean its less of a success? I know, I know, this kind of generalization does not hold... I am just stepping up your comparison to another degree. It might be 'intuitive' for you to measure the success of Ipod and Tivo with the same parameters, only thing is, its not scientific.

Comment Why is that even a question? (Score 1) 412

Lets say I create a codec for broadcasts which contain totally random information at periodic intervals which will be ignored by my decoder. Now if I replace this random information with some more detail about the picture, but using less data than the random data that was injected in periodic intervals, theoretically I have produced better quality with lower bitrate!! Taking a more practical outlook, I am sure out of the many tens of codec and decoders that are used out there today, I am sure some codecs could be very smart in compressing video data with better quality at lower bitrate. So, its all in your codec and decoder!

Comment Re:Priorities (Score 1) 96

So, are you saying there should be no investment in defence or counter-terrorism or space programs just because people are (quoting you) "pissing and shitting on the streets"? One Idea is that Investing in security will create a safe environment that will create jobs that will eventually decrease poverty ( I guess a more dignified way to put it? )

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