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Comment Re:Logic versus programming (Score 0) 397

There was a discussion on slashdot about this in 1999. Interesting the comment quality between then and now.

From the 1999 summary (emphasis added): "It also has a lot to say about the Quality Plateau, Design Patterns, the povery of methodologies and the false goal of deskilling."

It's nice to see that the editing standards haven't declined.

Comment Re:Tried it, couldn't use it (Score 1) 352

...they were so bitterly reticent about it.

Are you sure about that? Single-window mode was the top "new feature" that the GIMP team highlighted in the version 2.8 release notes. It seemed like it was a feature they were excited to have, not something they were trying to quietly implement without anyone noticing.

Comment Re:Tried it, couldn't use it (Score 5, Informative) 352

When you open GIMP, it throws up so many Windows that I just get totally confused

This complaint has cropped up several times on this thread already. That is somewhat incredible, because GIMP has supported a single-window interface for years. Select "Single-Window Mode" from the "Windows" menu, and the "so many windows" will become one window.

Comment Re:Sadly.. (Score 1) 352

The day GIMP started trying to force people to save in its own proprietary format (to the great unhappiness of a large portion of its user base) rather than the format the file was OPENED in pretty much marks its death.

Have you even used GIMP recently? If you open a file in GIMP that is not in GIMP's native XCF format, there is an "Overwrite image_file_name" option in the "File" menu that does exactly what you want (i.e., does exactly what the "Save" option used to do).

Comment waiting for the reality show (Score 1) 129

I assume this means that a new Discovery Channel/Animal Planet "reality" show is just around the corner. "Underwater Gold", "Robot Miners", or something like that. It will be a nice complement to "Bering Sea Gold", "Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice", "Ice Cold Gold", "Prospectors", "The Gold Rush", "Jungle Gold", "Yukon Gold", etc. (Yes, those are all real television shows. And yes, that is how stupid Discovery Channel and Animal Planet have gotten.)

Comment Re:Cause meet effect, effect say hello to cause (Score 1) 393

You are asking us to believe that they actually care about this cause?

I'm not sure I understand your question. I am suggesting that they might be primarily motivated by increasing their own profits, and that creating an excess supply of coders is a means to that end. What "cause" are you referring to?

Comment Re:Cause meet effect, effect say hello to cause (Score 1) 393

not a cynic, a conspiracy theorist.

I don't think you understand what those terms mean. It is a fact that wealthy tech business leaders (Gates, Zuckerberg, etc.) are funding and lobbying for "everyone needs to code" initiatives. There is no question of whether or not those people are "conspiring" to push these initiatives; it is a well-publicized fact that they are. They only question is what their motivation might be. A cynical viewpoint is that their primary motivation is to flood the market with a glut of "coders" in an effort to drive down wages and increase profits (as many other slashdotters have also speculated), hence my original comment.

To review: "Conspiracy theorists" question which individuals or groups are behind a series of events. Cynics question the motives behind peoples' actions and usually believe that they are motivated by greed.

Comment Re:Cause meet effect, effect say hello to cause (Score 1) 393

Then you have depressed pricing for the labor of people who earned a degree.

The cynic in me wonders if that was the intent from the very beginning: Create a narrative that "everyone needs to go to college", create loan programs so that just about anyone can go (and rack up massive debt in the process), then sit back and watch as the value of having a college degree, and the wages of workers with degrees, both decline. At the very least, that is surely not a disappointing outcome for wealthy business owners, CEOs, etc.

A cynic might also wonder if that is the intention of all of the recent "everyone needs to learn how to code" initiatives, too.

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