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Comment Ruining a newly acquired asset is a trope now? (Score 1) 162

It is bizarre to me that a company with such prowess in buying power, most of the time have no idea how to handle their brand-new assets. It even got to the point that Yahoo swears to not fuck it up, compared to drawing this grand vision of improvement that most of what other companies would've done. Though I think it is the right decision to back-off, there are barely anything Yahoo can provide to Tumblr (except huge sums of money that is). Also correct me if I'm wrong, isn't Flickr pretty successful as it is now, not in a bombastic way, sure, but it's making decent money.

Comment You'll probably want to start with Debian. But.... (Score 1) 573

it is pretty important to know that it is rare to find the distro you want on the first try. You'll probably be distro-hopping every few weeks until you are done comparing your experience between each distros. Then you will settle down, and invest your time on the distro you felt have the most pleasant experience with, doesn't matter whether it was because it provides more fun or just simply more stable. I've tried reading books when I began my endeavor with Linux, but it was more cumbersome than being helpful. There is simply no better suggestions than to just get wet really. Just use it on your daily lives, and you WILL encounter a problem or something you want to particularly do in Linux, I assure you. And when you do, that is when you will begin leaning all the quirks and galore of Linux.

Comment Re:quit whining over loss of free services (Score 3, Informative) 383

I think there is some validity to what he said. From how I see it, people don't even know they are using RSS when they use Google Reader. All they know is there are feeds that you can subscribe to, so that you can get any new updates from a certain website. Take it with a grain of salt though, since I don't have any prove of the fact, it's just what I got from watching the reaction of people from this whole Google Reader thing.

Comment Re:Key is relevance, not interactivity... (Score 4, Informative) 166

I have to fully agree with this. Like one of those Final Fantasy music orchestra concert that have been held a few times for the last few years. Or maybe the Legend of Zelda anniversary concert. You can bet those who attend both of these concerts are younger audience. I'm afraid people who tries to preserve Classic music is actually oblivious to the fact that those musics DO exist in the minds of young people, it's just that they are delivered through a different media and experience.

Comment Taking it a tad too seriously. (Score 3, Interesting) 432

Seriously, anyone who takes "brogramming" as an epidemic really needs to question themselves. "brogramming" itself is already ridiculous and taking it seriously is even more ludicrous, why should anyone care if someone else define their activity as such. This is exactly the same problem with people perceiving that there are way more people being stupid than the old days. It's not that there is a sudden increase of people being stupid, it is simply because now, there is an outlet (the Internet) for them to be publicly stupid. There have been always, since the beginning, programmer being stupid, it is just recently that they have come to light. And there is no actual proof that "brogramming" actually has anything to do with turning good programmer into a bad one. At the end of the day, all that matters is a working code, does it even matter if the programmer is seemingly a jock or a nerd.

Comment This is a different vulnerability (Score 5, Informative) 117

This is a different security vulnerability that was brought to light a few days ago, which was given the full detail in this article. Finder method SQL Injection vulnerability Any Rails version that was build for the last 6 years is affected by this. This is a serious security flaw, it is sternly advised that you update your application immediately if your Rails version is in the bucket. You can refer to this discussion for more details.

Comment Hold your horses (Score 5, Informative) 81

rails sql injection vulnerability hold your horses here are the facts

Too briefly re-iterate certain main important points in the article.
  • - It does not mean all unupgraded Rails apps are suddenly widely vulnerable.
  • - It does not mean Rails doesnâ(TM)t escape SQL inputs.
  • - It does not mean Rails doesnâ(TM)t provide parameterized SQL APIs.
  • - It does not mean Rails encourages code that are inherently prone to SQL injection. The code should be safe but due to a subtlety was not. This has been fixed.

Comment Re:Anybody here excited? (Score 1) 88

It can't be helped that HTML and JS apps on Mobile Phones haven't been taken seriously, but to be fair they are usually treated as a second citizen there. HTML and JS app is actually a pretty good platform to develop with, it's pretty simple and robust, in my experience. And the growth of development techniques and tools used in web development can also propagate to the development of mobile apps that uses the same technology as a platform.

Also some project have proved that it is feasible to create an experience on par with the native apps. One of them is Sencha's fastbook, and that app shows that, even if it is HTML and JS app, it can provide similar experience to native, IF it is done right. I think it's a pretty sane decision also, since in the end most Mobile Apps have similar utility as their website counterpart if not completely the same. Let's not forget that the quality of app in any platform is usually correlated with the interest in the platform rather than the limitation the platform itself.

Lastly, I don't think a lot of people is eager to invest in an another language to develop in a NEW platform that enters this late in the game especially with no Big name to back them up. By using HTML and JS, people that have already dabble in it for a living can at least tread the water and maybe make an app or two for fun. If the platform tanks they can at least salvage a website out of it. Guess what I'm trying to say is, HTML and JS is the most promising option at hand, even if it doesn't seem all that promising.

Comment Exercise in Futility (Score 4, Informative) 184

Indonesian here. The article exaggerates a little on how much it really impacts the people here. Most people here don't care about it, cause most of them know "Where there is a will, there is a way.". They will always find a way to circumvent these restrictions. In fact I just did, change the DNS server, and you're done. So yeah, the actual situation here is not as bad as the article make it out to be .

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