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Comment Re:A Question of Proportion (Score 1) 419

Yeah, I imagine Microsoft will just find a tons of unpatched Windows 7 machines on the net because of such move. One of the major reasons people don't go Windows 10 is its intrusive windows update system. Those insisting on Windows 7 even in new hardware don't really care keeping the OS 100% security-updated anyway.

Comment Re:Modern Feature Phone (Score 1) 95

Apps / applets for functionality? They are killing "feature-phone" (read: non-android/apple phone) with app functionality. The whatsapp installed in my lovely nokia 301 nagged me all the time last year that it will go out of support. *Luckily* its earpiece has been broken already (relying headset/loudspeaker) so buying a replacing "smart" phone is not too heart-breaking.

Comment Re:Shogi (Score 1) 109

Letting the opponent captures a piece without any tradeoff is a huge mistake, not small mistake. So I would say for top-notch players, it's rare for one side to have majority of pieces that easily.

The unit promotion mechanism also makes no pieces really "weak". Unlike internatioal chess, pawns don't need to reach the bottom to upgrade. Walking 2/3 of the board will do.

Comment Re:Shogi (Score 1) 109

I always liked the Shogi variant of chess. Other than a slightly larger board (9x9), and a few more pieces (20), you also have unit promotions, and deployment of captured pieces. The deployment of captured pieces especially keeps the late game from becoming simplified.

This just turns a draw game into an endless game. Since captured pieces are redeployed, there will be no "true" late game if both players are skilled enough and make no big mistakes.

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