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Comment Human Arrogance (Score 4, Insightful) 111

The arrogance of our species is astounding. Our perceptual timelines are far too short and our reactions are far too erratic. Nature grinds forward - with or without intervention by humans - and with or without the survival of life on this planet. It's not clear to me whether we have the power to remove all life on this planet and make it just another dead, lifeless space rock - I suspect we do not - not as long as the oceans contain micro organisms that can evolve very quickly such that even we can't easily eradicate them. Either way - the universe doesn't give d@mn - and thinking we have the ability to "control" our environment is the height of folly. Our mindset should be to try to survive and live within the current state of the planet - whatever that current state looks like. If the mean temperature of the planet is increasing, fine - then instead of trying to stop the environment's current direction - figure out how to live with the new status quo. Adapt or die - it's as easy as that. Hopefully, the squid will do a better job after we are gone and the squid rise-up to take our niche in the hierarchy.

Comment For real BI, it's all about the views (Score 2) 57

The frontend analytics tools are cool and that's what the users will see and use - but the main thing missing in the opensource BI space are the deep library of views and templates for the big ERP systems like Oracle EBS/PeopleSoft/JDE/Fusion & SAP. I don't want to spend thousands of hours writing my own views and ETL routines just to create standard reports. If you are developing your own software and bundling Jaspersoft/Pentaho/etc as your reporting engine, fine - but if you are a corporate IT shop using a major ERP system, then I would rather buy one that didn't make me reinvent the wheel.

Comment Encrypted P-Code (Score 1) 179

Isn't this exactly why the P-Code is encrypted in the military signal? Spoofing the C/A data has been a known vulnerability in the system since day 1. The rest of the problems are simply bad programmers. That's not a limitation or vulnerability in the GPS system - it's a problem with the receiver manufacturers and the BS test & validation done by the civilian side of the government when they put those receivers in the CORS stations. I saw the code in some of the old reference receivers (in the 90s) - it was complete shit. No software design, no real architecture, no configuration management, it was a bunch of crap hacked together by the engineers. Full of debug code, obsolete comments and large sections of code that were bypassed with a "aaa =0; if (aaa == 1) {....a bunch of test code....} As long as it passed the acceptance testing, and it fit on the flash card, no one cared what it looked like inside the flash.

Comment If Quickbooks is too expensive... (Score 1) 195

...then you haven't got enough capital to run a restaurant. My advice would be *don't* - don't do your own books. Get yourself an external bookkeeper or accountant and use whatever tool they recommend. Use them to create your P&L and balance sheet, and you focus on driving the restaurant to make the numbers on those reports improve. In addition, you have a bigger issue than your accounting system - and that is your restaurant employee scheduling, and your forecasting/purchasing system. Do those two things correctly, and you will have a much higher probability of actually having some profits to count!

Comment Expectations (Score 3, Interesting) 198

I had an employee recently come to me and say that he wanted his title changed to "VMware Administrator" and that he deserved a 35% increase in pay. We are a small shop and his job is about 60% PC technician, 20% network admin and 20% server admin. We have 2 ESX servers and about 10 VMs. VMware administration is about 10% of his job. He looked at me like I was crazy when I told him that if he wanted to be a VMware specialist, he probably needed to find a job at a larger company that could afford to let him be a specialist, and that at *this* company, the role I needed was the role he holds, and that he is fairly compensated for this role. I then showed him the competitive salary information for our area for his role and that he is above the midpoint for similar jobs.

He did not understand the sad truth of corporate salaries today: It no longer matters how long you have been with the company, or how long it has been since you last had a raise - the only thing that matters is what is on your job description and what other companies are willing to pay for that role in your area. If you want a raise, then you have to get your job description changed to represent a larger scope of responsibility and a role that is worth more money. My employee was on the right track - he wanted to change his job title - but he failed to understand that it isn't the title - it is the job description and the scope of the role that matters.

Corporate life sucks. We are all replaceable, and we are only worth whatever it would take to replace us with some poor, unemployed worker that would take anything as long as it provides benefits and pay better than COBRA and unemployment.

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