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Comment Email v. Physical Search Warrant (Score 0) 226

The last paragraph notes that email warrants are typically treated like subpoenas. Given that the U.S. have coordinated with local law enforcement before (Kim Dotcom), why would the increased overhead significantly hinder investigations? At a minimum, fishing expeditions would be minimized, so I see no reason for the distinction to continue. This would make for an interesting SCOTUS decision if it gets to that point.

Comment Re:The "choice is bad" argument (Score 0) 405

That would be awesome...Yeah, I was planning on rooting whichever phone I got. I was under the impression G2 would be vanilla, though. I'm looking forward to seeing whether the "slower" processor still matches or beats out the newer 1GHz phones. The volume issue is on my brand-spanking new BT headset, too. I'll have to check out DSP, though. I never use terminal but I like having the keyboard, anyway. Options are always nice.

Comment Re:Deciphering the Code (Score 0) 222

That's great; I wish my team had done that. We had two people who tried it, but we'd never figure anything meaningful until halfway through the 2nd half, so the "knowledge" didn't do much until we got some subs in.

Comment Re:American Guns!! Yay NRA!! (Score 0) 518

Nobody should be carrying around a gun safety-off. Most businesses do restrict the carrying of weapons onto the property (concerts?) already. As FCad said, banning them can open themselves up to spree killings. It's a matter of risk.

And he, like most normal people, doesn't flash his gun. Laws are typically geared toward the circumstances. If you ask someone to do something, and flash the gun to say "I have a gun", you'll be hit a lot more severely than if you're on a bench showing somebody your gun. This would still be a terrible idea, as somebody will still call the cops and you'd have to deal with them, regardless of whether or not you get charged with anything.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy Isn't Free (Score 0) 671

They don't have to play the game. Why does the existence of media that "hits home" necessitate a ban on such things? 20 years from now, most of the parents of people killed will still be alive. If it upsets you, don't watch/play it...Or criticize the company making the product, as is happening here. Freedom of expression means being able to freely protest said expression. It doesn't mean any laws are necessary. If enough people are pissed about it and refuse to play the game, it's a self-resolving issue. If enough people want to, then deal with it. Nobody has a right to simply be free from offense of any sort.

Comment Re:Power Supply (Score 0) 272

Agreed. I bought a 640GB ext a year and a half ago for a bit over $100, and it requires an external power source. I typically don't mind the slowness of them, but you're right. Once you get close to GBs of data, it's a massive pain to transfer data.

Imagine USB to USB! That took half the night to move all my stuff off a 250 to that 640...granted I had an X41 Tablet at the time..-_-

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