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Comment Mozilla nonprofit vs. the Mozilla for-profit (Score 1) 319

There's a nonprofit Mozilla foundation that takes in about $20,000,000 and there's a Mozilla for-profit company that takes in about $350 million each year (it seems mostly from Google paying to set the default Firefox search engine.) And the nonprofit owns the for-profit company, which makes IRS tax accounting interesting. And that income should be enough to keep 1,000 employees paid, even in Mountain View, and even with the top three execs at the company getting paid about $1M each.

Comment This seems to be IPTV (Score 1) 108

If the Roku works out there can be lots of other simpler set top boxes that don't need coax - just an ethernet or a good WiFi. This also means Comcast can open IPTV to apps on PCs, Macs, and smart-phones. And you can put TVs in your house where you don't have coax, like a bathroom or kitchen or outside. It might also mean that if you travel you can still watch your home TV channels wherever there's internet access, including while driving or in a bus or train.

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