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Comment Russia didn't exactly lose the race to the moon (Score 2) 108

Russia's Luna 2 probe got to the moon first in 1959. Luna 3 (also 1959) was the first to photograph the far side of the moon. Luna 9 soft landed on the moon and sent the first pictures from the surface back in 1966. Yes, the Apollo program put a man on the moon first (1968), but I think Russia deserves credit for many previous firsts (beyond Sputnik and Gagarin).

Comment Re:DVR (Score 1) 271

Actually, TiVos get disrupted by EBS signals. Honestly, it's super annoying! It seems that if any channel runs a EBS test, the Tivo responds by kicking you out of whatever you're watching and showing a large banner across the screen for a few minutes. There's no way to stop it or make it go back to playing your recording until it's done. Usually, it happens during the middle of the day. But, this is when I'm on my treadmill watching TiVo shows, so I get annoyed by this about once a month.

I still think you make a good point otherwise, but TiVos do try to play along (maybe they are required by law?).

Comment Re:Hope they do it right this time... (Score 4, Informative) 216

I read this book recently. I don't mean any offense, but it's pretty badly written and stupid.

I hope they completely ignore the book.

Really, I wish Hollywood would stop remaking stuff. I mean, there's a ton of good, fresh, original, insightful, well-written science fiction in many books from the last few decades that would be great to see made into a movie. But, Logan's Run...again? Well, it makes me sad.

I did love the oringinal movie when I was a kid... I even liked the TV series... I was young.

I suppose they know I'll have to watch this new movie because of that and I will. But...

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