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Comment Re:And Now, The Vocational Gudance Counselor Sketc (Score 2, Insightful) 1251

Universities are selling a product. As with any merchant, their success is measured by their ability to provide a service that people want at a price they are willing to pay, while making a profit at it.

Diploma mills sell degrees. Universities provide an education and examine degrees. The service they provide is for a much wider community than the students. Even in the US many universities are heavily subsidized by tax payers, and the base of stake holders much wider. The service they provide includes the preservation, creation and transmission of knowledge and these are vital but to the economy and the culture of a country. They also provide a service to employers of producing graduates with some indications in their transcript and references of their suitability for certain types of employment.

Comment Monstars (Score 1) 393

A lemon is one of the three generic singularities of a symmetric tensor field in the plane. The others are Stars and Monstars (a sort combination of a lemon and and a star). I suppose you can have two lemons back to back but there must be some Morse Theory like restriction on which singularities you can have.

Comment Wrote a paper in LaTeX (Score 1) 739

It was about 1997 and it was the tenth time Windows had crashed while I was trying to write a ten page mathematical paper in Word. The equation editor had created an embedded formula of infinite size so I could not save the file. I did n't know which equation it was so I had to save bits of the file at the time. My colleague Eddie Wilson helped me install Red Hat 4.2 and I vowed only to write in LaTeX and not to use Windows from then onwards.

Comment Pirate: I'm a pc! (Score 1) 236

I thought immediately of a Somali pirate on the "I'm a PC" Microsoft advert. Perhaps they are using Windows software for navigation so they can find their prey. Would chart plotting software work on Windows 7?

Seriously. it annoys me that the entertainment and software industry tries to elevate software copying to be on a par with murder and armed theft. Worse still when slashdotters fall for it and parrot their rhetoric by using the same terminology.

Comment I was a Psion fan (Score 1) 234

I had a series of Psion 3s and 4s series palmtops and at the time they were vastly superior to anything else on the market. Full qwerty keyboard, more than adequate word processing and spreadsheet programs, and a nice little built in language, and a multi threaded, multi tasking Os with a decent scheduler. I just wished they had carried on being commercially successful and had driven out the badly designed OSs we had to put up with on small machines. My Psions never crashed. It was Microsoft remember that introduced the computer using public to the idea that it was acceptable for the OS to crash rather than application programs. So if Psion can make any money by suing netbook imitators for trademark infringement and use the money to get going again then Go Psion!


Submission + - Russian ploar submarine video faked

billlion writes: According to The Guardian (Sat 11 August, p3), and The Guradian Online the videos shown by the state-controlled Russian TV channel Rossiya of the Russian submarines (MIR 1 and 2) planting a flag on the sea bed at the North pole were faked, and included shots from the James Cameron film "Titanic". The scam was spotted by a 13 year old Finnish boy Waltteri Seretin.

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