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Comment Re:Realities and Incentives (Score 1) 732

Dude, this is a chronic problem with east coaster's. They have a shitty job market, they came from an expensive but not necessarily great Ivy league blah blah.

Folks on the west coast simple don't understand nor sympathize with that. We have high caliber University of California schools with their nuke labs and we simply don't feel inferior to folks on the east coast. We have silicon valley, 3 DoE labs, 2 NASA labs. We have great opportunity even in a down economy because the sector with the most potency with regards to technology is largely in Silicon Valley or south San Francisco.

All of you folks are going to the next easiest thing within your particular box. Have you thought about changing the rules of the game by getting out ?

Comment (Re:Overly simplistic) But not inaccurate (Score 1) 732

Anonymous coward eh ? After my experience with the financial industry, can't believe anybody that has any real engineering skill would work for complete fuckers like GS and other institutions in those fields. All of that crap is a extension of this Connecticut private school and Ivy league school elitism that has no basis in any of the good American values we'd normally express to other human beings we care for in our community.

Some of it is east coast versus west coast. I went to a UC, we have highly ranked science/engineering schools and we simple do not feel inferior to that east coast mentality while paying 1/3rd the costs for higher education and 1/100th of the attitude problem.

Oh, btw we have Silicon Valley

Comment Re:Goldman Sachs - Worst Finance Company To Work F (Score 1) 732

Start looking at the possibility of drug use issues (cocaine) as result of his personality changes. Folks don't just change unless there's something like that driving it. People get better as times goes on as a function of maturity no become more assholes thinking their ego is the only thing that has any effect on the world.

Comment Re:Some criticisms of Gnome are not baseless (Score 1) 247

That's bullshit, you look at the bug list and you see all sorts of pointer object mashing bugs. Strong evidence of the ineffectual nature of GObject is how limited the OOP is in that system. Collection classes anybody ?

You should have just eaten it and use one language like Objective C that would have allowed for migration of existing code since it's still C but with a proper dynamic messaging system. I've made this point for years but the nits in GNOME community just don't fucking get it while investing tons of work into a deadend technology like C# for these purposes

Comment Re:Some criticisms of Gnome are not baseless (Score 1) 247

They should have built an object glue to GObject into a very mature Objective-C system and called it a day. They'd then have a migration path for existing C code and the ability to use dynamic message passing without shit like CORBA. It's a really simple solution that the GNOME community has completely ignored since development in that organization is stalled. Maybe Ubuntu will be able to pushing some changes with all of this dissent.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 762

Agreed, this show was just too sophisticated for folks to *get*. Depressing ? fuck what are folks thinking about in the US ? You'd be too if you were running out of food and don't know what the hell is going on next.

So many parallels to real life yet the audience for that show just didn't have the self-awareness to get how identifiably the characters are to actual intelligent people. It might have done better in Europe or another audience.

Comment Re:It was just okay (Score 1) 762

The show was absolutely better than both SG shows and possibly better than BSG in a number of areas regarding per episode human interaction. The problem with the show was the audience. The audience isn't sophisticated enough to *get* the writing for the most part, the depth of the characters and how they're used in the arc.

Keep in mind, instead of watching Charlie Rose for being informed of our of political process folks think that cable news, CNN, FoxNews, etc... is new. That's what the US culturally degraded to, sports and detachment from people and things around them. Same for our own self-awareness. The same crowd complaining probably doesn't have any.

Comment Re:Ridiculous... I hate network execs (Score 1) 762

I like SGU better than both previous SG series in general. What folks called 'soap opera' I call psychological which is something that the normally male dork demographic doesn't connect to. The series is a bit of a mind fuck and you can tell it's converging on something a season or so in the future which is a sign of writing that's better than most on SyFy. The writing has been better overall than the SG[A] shows and has had less filler shows as a percentage than BSG overall.

The only problem here is that I'm one of the few defenders of the show and therefore one of few ardent watchers of it.

Comment Re:Somebody call the waaaambulance (Score 1) 1018

The law of averages also produced very average results.

There are simply cases where people and the environment their in don't match up. In the valley there's a sufficient amount of start ups with cash out there that can attract those folks suitable for that kind of environment.

They're often highly technical and leaders in their areas of expertise quite often and have that option of staying with a company or leaving. I value the stability of a job, but in general most of the work is of a 'sustaining engineering' capacity and isn't suitable for very senior level engineers that can do principal engineering of various sorts. Your career stagnates and your overall value as an engineer to other companies declines as you become more and more of a bug monkey.

The strategy of moving from company to company is effective if that can be used as fundamental manner to promote yourself upward in the technical food chain. It's difficult for folks that are risk adverse but I find those folks to be pretty fucking boring.

My two cents

Comment Re:Has anyone ever used the WebOS? (Score 3, Informative) 117

Yes, iPhone & Android fanboys just don't know.

However WebOS has its fair share of nasty bugs that include a system-wide memory that forces you to reboot at some point. The messaging app is barebones and need notifications for when a user comes online.

The cloud aware contact integration is pretty much out of this world at this point. I was able to add a simple Jabber protocol and it was able to 'join' folks I know against all existing contacts intelligently.

The browser could be better as well, fewer bugs. Overclocked kernels running at 720mhz with 24M compcache seems to be the magic sweet spot now for the original Sprint device.

A lot of folks in the homebrew community is pretty hardcore about hacking this device.

Comment Re:The Other Side (Score 1) 565

Yeah, but I'm willing to bet that the cost of living is also much less where you are. San Francisco and other technological cities in the US are often the most expensive places to live in across the country.

Yes, we're paid a lot of money but in the end the living standard is roughly the same in that you can afford this and that in roughly the same way that we can. Can't comment on the infrastructure of your nation, but having food, housing and healthcare are big pieces that make things so much common between both workforces rather than creating a massive difference in living standard.

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