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Comment better belt buckles (Score 1) 606

About 40 years ago I had a belt without holes or even a need for the teeth in your belt. I would slide the belt into a, slot, and then fold the buckle down to "pinch" the belt so that it could not move... no holes, no teeth sown into the leather, very simple and, effective, and infinitely adjustable. I would buy one again today if I could find one.

Comment Goodenough, John. (Score 1) 251

Seriously now... If it was just Goodenough making these claims, and if he did not have more credibility than everyone else in the business, I could understand the distrust. But he would not risk tarnishing his stellar reputation after all these years, and knowing he has a staff all of whom apparently back his claims, the only reasonable action at this point is to listen to the dude, and understand what he has to say. Yeah, it might mean he is turning physics and/or chemistry and/or everything we think we know about the Universe at this point on its pointy head, but... no one seems to be more likely than him to do it.

Comment Re: How those solar panels working out for you? (Score 1) 270

"Of course in Texas, there's something else that can be pumped from the ground: black gold." Ugggh... gold? Far from it... we could liken it more to the ills from Pandora's Box--- and what kind of idiot are you to think that pumping oil is a substitute for pumping water? You are going to irrigate your crops with crude?!? It's that kind of wacko logic that has allowed the oil industry to stave off its eventual death for just a little while longer... fossil fuel is not sustainable... wind and solar is.

Comment Re: How those solar panels working out for you (Score 1) 270

No, trolll: no one thinks windmills are free and unlimited. They have moving parts which need to be maintained and replaced from time to time. .. but so do the diesel and natural gas generators you apparently tout. The obvious difference, of course, is that wind mills rely on their energy for wind, which IS free, non-polluting, and does not need to be extracted from the earth at great cost. The energy your fossil fuels supply are responsible for the kinds of strife we see in Standing Rock, and the hundreds of pipeline leaks the oil companies are only partially successful in keeping out of the mass media; no, you will not see such horrendous, ugly leaks on FOX, CNN, or other MSM; but the tremendous damage is readily found by googling OIL PIPELINE LEAKS or any other such search criteria. There are an average of more than one such leak daily somewhere here in the country, and the damage is never completely mitigated. No, windmills are not free or unlimited, buy do not try to suggest that anyone says they are, and do not be so asinine as to imply the alternatives are any better or cheaper.

Comment Re: Not in America, thank God (Score 2) 270

How sad to see how blind you are to the realities. Twits such as yourself cannot see any further than the ends of your noses. There are dozens of YouTube videos showing the massive shift in energy use in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and other oil-rich countries-- where a tank of gasoline is only a couple of dollars. Saudi Arabia has found that, like Beijing today, and Los Angeles especially in the 1970's, their unbridled use of gasoline, and fossil fuels for stationary electric generation, drastically reduces the quality of life. Saudi Arabia in particular has, for about four years now, been installing thousands of acres of solar panels to eventually end their reliance on fossil fuels. LET THAT SINK IN: the Saudis have the CHEAPEST FOSSIL FUELS ON THE PLANET, yet they are switching to renewable resources not only for automobiles such as Teslas, but to power their homes, businesses, hospitals and schools. What is the difference between the Saudis and the U.S.? Here, the oil companies and their lobbyists exert enormous pressure on politicians to assure that, as much as possible, oil will continue to enrich them while reducing the quality of life for everyone else. This is not the case in Saudi Arabia, where there are no such biases. Yes, the Saudis are still horrific tyrants in other respects, but they have nothing to keep them from realizing that solar power is now cheaper than energy from fossil fuels, and continues to drop. (In the 1970's, a watt of solar panel cost nearly a thousand dollars; over the last decades, the cost has dropped to mere pennies per watt, continues to drop, and continues to increase in efficiency per square meter.) Elon Musk, in his customary confidence, has told the Aussies that he can install solar/battery storage systems within 100 days to end their crisis, and if he cannot finish it on time it's free. He has recently powered entire island societies with solar/battery systems, ending their dependence on the crushing cost of diesel power and its disgusting pall of pollution and noise... again, it's all available on YouTube. Fossil fuel is dead, literally and figuratively: long live renewables.

Comment Re: It'll never work (Score 1) 142

If you had been born 115 years ago you eould, have been roasting the Wright Brothers for challenging the solid wisdom that man was not born with wings and should realize he was meant to be earthbound forever. If you had been born in the Middle Ages, you would have been eager to light the fires to burn heretics alive, such as DaVinci and Copernicus. If you had been born in ancient Greece, you would have been the one to hand the cup of hemlock to Socrates. Please, sir, shut your fucking trap, and let the Makers Make, and the Doers Do.

Comment Re: too late (Score 1) 507

You are hiding behind your "anonymous coward" ID, so you can't be held responsible for your inane, halfwit comments. The first commenter was right in attacking Trump for not switching to a secure phone supplied by the Secret Service... you have NO defensible grounds for YOUR attack... just like Trump, you make totally laughable comments without basis, such as Trump today claiming he had a landslide victory when he most clearly did not. Trump loves to Tak about "fake news", yet he has been one of the prime sources of bogus info, such as saying that counties and cities that grant asylum to undocumented aliens have higher crime rates and other problems, when in fact the opposite is documented to be true by official federal stats. Tell me it's not true all you wabt, but like Trump, you simply want to ignore the facts because of your xenophobic paranoia. Trump and others want to, say the undocumented are a load on the system, when the opposite is true---hundreds of thousands of them pay into Social Security because that is often the only way they can get jobs, yet their undocumented status keeps them from ever reaping Social Security benefits.

Comment Re: Doesn't work! (Score 1) 136

"Well that's $350 million wasted. I drive 200 miles each way to my ranch each weekend, no way I could do that in an electric vehicle. Electric cars are a fad." You, sir, have had your head stuck up your butt for more than ten years now if you think that is true... If you weren't such a Luddite determined to badmouth anything that does not run on fossil fuels, you would have noticed that not only have there been powerful, extremely efficient EVs for the last many years capable of making that 200 mile trip, but if you weren't so pig headed you could have been saving some VERY serious cash meantime--- surely you've been spending thousands of dollars a year on gasoline. That money could have been spent more reasonably on a solar roof for the ranch, and a Powerwall to store the electricity at the ranch for when you are there and need to recharge, Not only would you be saving the cost of gasoline and oil changes, but tune-ups and related costs as well. You have the IDEAL situation to be driving electric and not even realizing it. And if you think it does not apply to YOU because you happen to need a pickup truck, you are STILL WRONG on that count--- I have been driving a fully electric Chevy pickup for years now... yes, a rugged, powerful conversion... but Tesla will be selling EV pickups and big rigs soon. You have NO excuse for NOT driving electric, saving lots of cash, and stop making those oil ogres richer than they already are.

Comment Re: It's about landmass (Score 1) 468

Everything about driving electric is improving yearly---longer ranges per charge, better batteries, shorter charge times, less expensive cars. The Gigafactory in Sparks Nevada is the largest factory in the entire world and will be fully operational later this year producing EV batteries. It will dramatically reduce the cost of EVs, and their prices will continue to drop the same way computers have in the last 25 years. EVs will soon be cheaper than ICE cars, but they already have better performance, are more reliable and have other advantages as well.

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