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Comment Re: Huh. (Score 0) 70

You, sir, are a blathering, full-fledged imbecile. You want to compare your use of toy rockets from more than a half-century ago to massive boosters that have returned four times to barges rocking at sea, and think anyone reading your comment won't bust their guts laughing at your inanity? Since you played with your toys fifty plus years ago, has ANYONE even attempted such a feat after returning from launching dozens of satellites at one time, or docking onto the ISS? It truly burns my butt to see nobodies such as yourself thinking you somehow deserve to criticize anyone who is actually making great things happen, when there are thousands of cretin oligarch carpetbaggers out there doing nothing but sucking the life out of this country. Musk was the one who made light-speed commerce possible with PayPal. It advanced financial transactions a thousandfold. He invested every dime he made in a tremendously bold and risky move to start SpaceX and Tesla... he made them work... both of them... multi-billion-dollar enterprises that are BOTH making huge strides in their respective fields. Musk pioneered a new advanced system of spin-welding that advanced the art of metal joints by decades, a technique used in both his spacecraft and his EVs. He pioneered rocket turbines that are 3D printed, reducing the number of discrete parts dramatically. They are simpler, have fewer joints to rupture, fewer fasteners to fail, are far less expensive and lighter. He pioneered a way to load far more propellant in his fuel tanks than had previously been done, by hypercooling of the liquids. Hudson... DeLorean... Packard... Studebaker... there have been dozens of failed car start-ups in the last 85 years. The Tesla is the first to succeed, and it started at a particularly challenging time--- the beginning of The Great Recession. Musk pioneered the "electric skateboard" concept, putting all the artery cells in, a thick, robust platform below the passengers, lowering the center of gravity dramatically, making the handling especially deft, with the added benefits of enormous cargo space front and back and giving the car the best side-impact resistance ever for a passenger car. It got the highest safety ratings ever--- and this is for a SEVEN PASSENGER SEDAN that can slam you into the seat, pushing you to 60 mph in as, little as 2.5 seconds--- there is no production car today... even multi-million-dollar, two-seat, stripped-down sports cars from Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche cannot keep up. You leave yourself open for ridicule... I hope this will help to prevent other witless trolls from making similar comments, when there thousands of riper villains, such as the Koch Brothers, Martin Shkreli, and Heather Bresch to roast.

Comment Re: Huh. (Score 0) 70

LOL!!! Are you KIDDDDINGGG??? You think a, hunk of lead would not melt in the heat of such a conflagration?!? I am not among those that think such an attack is likely or even seriously possible, but you need to rethink your scenario. A lead bullet would NOT maintain its shape for more than a nanosecond.

Comment Re: Huh. (Score 0) 70

SpaceX is stepping on some very big toes: not just the American launch industry, but the Russians, French and others. SpaceX undercuts costs massively... this cannot sit well with the competition, and I suspect Musk has the entire program under extremely tight surveillance to help prevent someone from sabotaging launch systems for cash reward. SpaceX is bound to have a gigantic disruptive effect, and once things settle out in a few years, I truly hope SpaceX is eating everyone else's lunch, so they no longer have the ability to corrupt the system and bloat the space budget the way they have for more than a half-century. I only wish there was someone with the ethics of Musk running for the presidency right now... in fact, hundreds of them to replace the decadent sloths in office right now.

Comment Re: these new companies trying to get around old l (Score 0) 251

This dealership system is as corrupt as the voting system that the GOP and DEMs control, blocking any competition thry don't like such as Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein. Either candidate would be a thousand times better than Trump or Clinton, and Tesla and SpaceX are each fighting an uphill battle against a wholly corrupt system bent on maintaining the status quo rather than allowing the best man, woman, or company to prevail. If you follow what's been happening with SpaceX, it mirrors the struggles with Tesla perfectly... companies charging many times more for the same service as SpaceX can provide, trying to keep the new kid on the block from spoiling their decadent pay-for-play racket. Three cheers for Tesla, SpaceX, and Elon!

Comment Re: Is this Hyperloop or "Hyperloop"? (Score 0) 125

limaxray: I'm glad I am not the only one here setting all these trolls straight. It is hard for me to wrap my head around their Luddite mindset. They remind me of all the twerps twelve years ago who were foaming at the mouth trying to insist EVs are pipe dreams and scams, and would never amount to anything. Those same trolls have simply changed the targets of their wrath. They would have been wiser to simply say nothing at all, or something benign and gracious, and let the bold fail with dignity if that was to be their fate, or allow then their glory should they succeed. There is far too much enmity for those that seek to improve our lot. Let them breathe, please. I have almost never seen Musk close to tears, but there was one time: he always admired the astronauts as a whole, and I could see him choking back when mentioning the open ridicule he suffered at the hands of some of those same men he called heroes. I shame those men for their lack of respect and foresight... Thank you, Elon... I am glad to see not all spacemen are so witless as these. (How do I create paragraph breaks?! Grrrr...)

Comment Re: Is this Hyperloop or "Hyperloop"? (Score 0) 125

"Cool idea for sure, but it's never going to happen." You're not talking about anybody. You are talking about the guy who made PayPal happen, an idea "experts" flatly pronounced a folly. I don't know if you are old enough to remember pre-PayPal--- or pre-Tesla, or pre - SpaceX, or pre-Gigafactory either, for that matter... not to be putting him up on, any pedestals, but he is famed for having said, "aren't they ever going to get tired of being wrong?" He consistently manages to find ways of doing things everyone else thinks is, just too hard, too expensive, or impossible. We need fewer trolls telling us he is too rich, too bold, too risky, too this - and-that, and more people willing to take some chances and be wrong sometimes. Musk has said many times he did not really expect Tesla or SpaceX to succeed, but the end results were too important not to try even if it meant risking hundreds of millions of dollars.

Comment Re: ... as long as Tesla is not involved! (Score 0) 125

Sorry, not true. I am not privy yo the data on all accidents, bit there have been at least one or two caused by third parties,, such as one recently on the 405 fwy. on Los Angeles. Some fool was driving so recklessly and at such high speed that drivers were calling in to CHP to report him. They dispatched a patrol car to intercept him, but before they could reach him he had plowed into the back of a Model S with two little girls sitting in the third row, facing rearward, who were killed. The driver survived. The height of the bumper of the SUV was an apparent factor in this accident since it did not impact the Tesla's bumper, but rather rode over it and through the rear window. That is not the kind of accident I would expect anyone to survive regardless of the design of the vehicle. If I had children, I would not feel safe with them sitting in such a rear seat.

Comment tug-of-war (Score 0) 250

There are the good guys, and the bad guys, and they are fighting mightily over EVs entering the mainstream market. The Koch Brothers, assisted by their minions, the Koch Suckers, are about to spend $10 million in an effort to suppress EV production and implementation here in the US, since the more EVs on the road, the less profit for the Fossil Fool industry. What has always mystified me is why somebody as obscenely rich as the Kochs would think their lifestyle would be any more enhanced by another billion or three. You would think that they would be afraid of stepping over the line at, some point, with the Justice Department ready to deprive them of not only a bug chunk of that previous cash they love, but a few years in prison for their misdeeds-- and at their ages, with any time behind bars they just might not make it out alive.

Comment Re: Now... (Score 0) 412

My name is Bill Dale. I am very curious about this subject, but I have lots of other interests as well. ÂThe one thing I am most passionately interested in also concerns chemistry: electric vehicles. Before there were any EVs on the market, I was so determined to drive without buying gasoline that came from our very worst enemies that I Âconverted a BMW to electric that isÂon YouTube now: ("BMW EV conversion burns rubber!!!") ÂI spared no expense in making it as powerful and serious as I could. ÂToday I have a Chevy pickup truck EV conversion, and another flashy, fun 3-wheel enclosed motorcycle EV that drives like a car, and both of them have opened many doors for me, such as spending an entire evening with Elon Musk at a private party, and being invited regularly to events of all kinds, for me to bring my EVs. I have struggled to handle the steep learning curve of AC motors, DC motors, power electronics, battery chemistry, etc. ÂIt is of primary importance that we discontinue our dependence on foreign oil as quickly and completely as possible since the $450 billion we spend yearly helps to support despotic regimes and terrorism, and has dragged us into a trillion dollars' worth of wars over the last several years. ÂIf we wean ourselves off of that oil, that is hundreds of billions of dollars we would otherwise be able to spend on our health care system, education, roads and bridges, and paying off this immense national debt. So... I do want to get up to speed on chemistry, even if it's a bit removed from the kind of chemistry we spoke of above. I have been in contact with Popular Science and would like to publish an article in their mag on the somewhat "invisible" EV conversion community. If you would like to see some pix of my show vehicles and see what makes them so unusual and popular, my email address is billdale "at" earthlink "dot" com. ÂI enjoy your passion for astronomy and astrochemistry (I guess that's what you'd call it!) and would enjoy staying in touch with you. Again, thank you for the detailed explanation of celestial chemistry (BTW... Neil deGrasse Tyson has a short but great video where he explains that every atom in our body was created by what I would refer to as solar alchemy. Fascinating.)  Later-- "Electric Bill".

Comment Re: Now... (Score 0) 412

Thanks for your reply. I gave it more thought... if a large mass of iron or other inert material were in a star, it would be much heavier than the gases so would sink into the core, making it hard to have any effect on its light patterns. Also, if it was there for very long, the metals would probably vaporize eventually and disappear. Even if the ratio of metal to gas was very high, it might not work. I am eager to see if someone eventually finds a theory that fits this scenario. You may have heard about Comet Lovejoy that plunged into our Sun a few years ago. Everyone expected it to be eaten up, but instead a few hours later emerged from the other side at an odd tangent. https://youtu.be/yVvI-LWsmpE

Comment Re: Now... (Score 0) 412

We need to think outside the box, or the Dyson Sphere, as it were. Perhaps, most suns are made of the hydrogen and helium we are familiar with, but 2 hat if a star were bombarded with large inert bodies consisting of iron or other materials that would create inconsistent light output as those semisolid bodies materials moved about within the mixture? In the last year or so, there was a comet that struck our sun and, surprisingly, emerged rather intact a few days later. There is precedent for believing that solid or semisolid bodies can survive within such an environment, at least for a while.

Comment Re: FWP (Score 0) 228

You are the WORST of the WORST... a chronic, immature complainer with a chip on your shoulder about all things reasonable and sane. I am not "upper class", or even upper middle class... my ears and lungs are assaulted daily with not only leaf blowers, but police cars and helicopters, Harleys with no pollution controls or mufflers racing down the street just feet from my house, school buses, charter buses, metro buses and trains ruining the quality of life here. Anything to reduce ANY of that noise and pollution is welcome. You would have only the weakest of legs to stand on if the only solution was to ban all leaf blowers or makers of noise and pollution, but as the article clearly states, the answer is to use ELECTRIC blowers that produce only the least of noise and NO pollution at all... and they are far better for the user not only for their own lungs and ears, but for their wallets as well-- they cost nearly nothing to operate as opposed to those pieces of recalcitrant crap that foul out, require constant maintenance, are an explosive hazard. You have NO business trying to force me to put up with that much noise, pollution and Tea Party-type rhetoric. You and those like you should be exiled to a tiny island where you are forced to submit to these terrible offenses daily. I look forward to streets overrun with Teslas, and Bolts, and other near-silent cars, trucks and motorcycles that produce neither pollution nor sound to assault my senses or the senses of those around me.

Comment Re: Paper rockets (Score 0) 155

If you blame everything you do not like on a can of soup, and the soup is actually innocent, you can rant and rave forever and accomplish nothing. What you do not like about the Space Program (as well as the ACA, immigration, etc.), you have to actually finger the real culprit or nothing will improve. Obama has many issues he is dealing with... in this case, ACA, the economy and a few other issues take a higher priority... the GOP keeps trying to kill Obamacare even though polls show resoundingly that it is working and people want it. As long as GOPs keep wasting their energy and tax dollars insisting it does not work, and all evidence it to the contrary (do you see tens of thousands of people on the street clamoring to overturn ACA?) says otherwise, then other matters such as the Space Program can not be properly addressed.

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