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Comment Re:OOh (Score 1) 803

It takes around 20 mins to reinstall xp via a image. Package menagers???? ummmm SMS or SCCM. I could deploy out dozens of packages in no time. Just because you know nothing about windows does not mean something does not exist. Are you saying updating linux does not require a reboot? If so you have patched your linux boxes for years?

Comment Re:OOh (Score 1) 803

Right because corp IT has so much time that they want to reinstall dozens of apps as oposed to just doing a in place upgrade. sure i perfer to have a fresh install ... but not always a option. and OMG, reinstalling a few times a year? Sure you want to do that on your time, go for it. IT is not going to reinstall a pc unless it's broken. I have windows XP boxes running for 5+ years with no issues.

Comment Re:Good for them! (Score 1) 217

If they chose to use a 360 controler .. its because the solders play video games and it is something they know how to use. It is a cheap off the shelf product, need a extra go pick one up .. no need to rely on a military supplier. If something is going to get dammaged its the input device .. they are not using a xbox to control the uav .. so the point of your xbox being unstable is not even relevent.

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