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Submission + - Nokia - no more Symbian phones after 2012 (i-programmer.info) 1

mikejuk writes: After the decision to go with Windows Phone 7 it has been obvious that the fate of the Symbian Phone — the phone that sold more than iPhone or Android — wasn't good. However where there is life there is hope and some developers and users clung to the hope that there might be more Symbian phones in the future. Perhaps they could coexist with Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices. Now, in a open letter to developers Nokia have made it clear that they will create no more Symbian phones after 2012 and they will just wait for the old phones to fade way while trying to sell Windows Phones to the existing users.

Submission + - Ryzom releases native Linux client (ryzom.com) 1

biking42 writes: The MMORPG Ryzom, in addition to Open Sourcing the core server code last spring, has released a native Linux client. No more messing with Wine and settling with no sound or 3fps. You can also download the client source and compile it yourself. A dev Wiki and Forums can be found at: http://dev.ryzom.com/ for both the client AND core server source code.

In addition, for new game accounts they just went F2P. No store or micropayment items yet — just some restrictions on the free accounts. Read about it at the main site: http://www.ryzom.com/


Submission + - ISO C++ Committee Approves C++0x Final Draft (herbsutter.com)

Randyll writes: On the 25th, in Madrid, Spain, the ISO C++ committee approved a Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) for the C++ programming language. This means that the proposed changes to the new standard so far known as C++0x are now final. The finalization of the standard itself, i.e. updating the working draft and transmitting the final draft to ITTF, is due to be completed during the summer, after which the standard is going to be published, to be known as C++ 2011. With the previous ISO C++ standard dating back to 2003 and C++0x having been for over eight years in development, the implementation of the standard is already well underway in the GCC and Visual C++ compilers. Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of C++, maintains a handy FAQ of the new standard.

Comment Blame it on Open Office (Score 1) 1

Sorry, the problem was a botched Open Office 3.0 upgrade I did a while ago. It borked many of the dictionaries and appears that a recent package update uninstalled or broke the English dictionary. Going in to System, Languages and clicking on English in the list (changed the selection icon from a dash to a checkmark) caused Ubuntun to download and install 21 packages including ones like aspell and several Open Office ones. Previously when I selected Tools, Set Language in Gedit, I only saw "English (United Kingdom)" and "Unknown (en-GB)". Now I see a big long list of English variants. Not so much confused Yankee...

Submission + - Firefox on LUbuntu switched to UK dictionary? 1

biking42 writes: Has anyone else noticed a fairly recent update to firefox on Linux / Ubuntu has changed the spelling dictionary over to the UK dictionary?

When typing web-based mail I started noticing it highlighting words like "favorite", "color", "neighbor" as incorrect and suggesting the UK versions "favourite", "colour", "neighbour", In looking under ad-ons languages I see "Firefox (en-GB)". Does that not stand for Great Britain?

Under preferences, Content, Languages I had "English [en]" but I see there's also an "English/United States [en-us]" option.

Additionally I installed the "United States English Dictionary".

I've been running the LTS 8.04 (64-bit) on my laptop for the last 2 years. Though a co-worker running a new install of 10.04 (32-bit) sees the same issue.

Yes I'll head over to the Ubuntu forums but I was curious how widespread this is.

Perhaps trickery by our fellow UK brethren?

    ; ]

Much confused Yankee....

Comment Re:Operative words (Score 1) 286

"You have to OK all the things that an app can touch before you install it" 'zactly. And there have been several apps I haven't installed for just such reason. Whether this is FUD or not I think the issue does need to be raised so those who might ignore what access the app "requires" will think before blindly clicking OK to install. I think too, apps that are requiring unnecessary access (why does a satellite tracking app need access to my call log???) need a better way to be exposed as questionable.

Comment Re:Quality (Score 1) 69

I totally agree. I've built my own private WOW server and my wife & I enjoy soloing and grouping with each other. In fact we probably play solo more than grouping. It's kinda like having a single-player RPG but with a massive game world. Contrast that to SWG - a game we both loved (pre-NGE) and actually met online playing - the ONLY reason I play occasionally it due to the other players. Though there is SWGEmu and one or two other private server projects I think playing SWG on a private server would be a boring experience indeed.

Comment Re:Do I get some of that fine money? (Score 1) 194

I was a Norton fan-boi from Peter's humble beginnings in '85 or '86 up until my last purchase of Symantec AV in 2006. It was then the bloatware pushed me over the edge when it made my spiffy new AMD 64-X2 crawl like a turtle on downers. After some comparative research jumped ship to Avast!. What I purchased at the time was the 2006 upgrade. About a year and 1month later I happened to look at my credit card statement and saw a charge from Symantec. And it wasn't their old $10/year to renew the virus definition subscription but was something like $25. I was furious! It's impossible to call them anymore but I filled out an online support ticket and to be honest, used wording that I myself would have just deleted with an F-U buddy! But about 2 days later I got a nice email that was quite apologetic and referred to the automatic renewal as a "convenience" but gave no indication how I was supposed to have "canceled" prior to the renewal. But they said they'd happily cancel my new subscription and refund my money. It wasn't but a few days later I saw the charges reversed in full on my credit card. Obviously had I not caught it they'd have been happy to rebill me year after year but I was happy with how quickly the DID respond to my less than tactful complaint. However contrast that to my GoDaddy hosting & domain name registration. Though they have my credit card on file and though I've set it up for automatic renewal (for both hosting and domain name registration), 3 months prior to the renewal I start getting reminder emails that it's time to renew and if I've set it up for automatic renewal then I don't need to do anything, and the email was just to serve as a reminder and notification to expect the charge on my credit card. Yes they're pushing me to renew sooner than needed - and continued to do so up until the automatic renewal - but offered discounts on additional services or things like an additional month. But still I knew full and well before the renewal that it was going to happen - and was plenty of time in advance that I would have had time to move the hosting or domain name someplace else had I chosen to do so.

Comment It's stable and I love it (Score 1) 374

Before I went with VirtualBox I did some Googling on VirtualBox vs VMWare. Being a n00b to virtual servers I decided on VirtualBox. MOST of what I read said it was far easier to set up than VMWare but wasn't as sophisticated.

My hardware is a Dell Latitude D830 laptop (64 bit) with 4GB RAM. I desperately wanted to run Ubuntu 64-bit as my primary OS but this is my work computer and I'm tied to Winderz (32-bit XP) for many of our in-house apps as well as my DBA tool (DB Artisan). Wine sux IMHO so I wanted as close to real Winderz as I could get.

Setup was a breeze but admittedly getting the tunneling to work was a bit tedious due much to my ignorance. I needed my Winderz vm to have a true IP Address separate from the host OS. And since I take my laptop home on the weekends / holidays I didn't want to be dinking with static IPs.

However once I had gotten this all set up it is so frick'n stable. I do shutdown the Windows VM every night just like I would if it was my primary OS but leave Ubuntu (oh how I love thee!) up all week long. But it has never crashed on me or caused any issues with my host OS. It boots the VM amazingly fast. I couldn't be happier. AND THIS IS FRICK'N FREE!

Several of my co-workers are running Macs and Parallels for their Winderz VMs and complain about the constant crashing and hanging and sluggishness. I'm trying to get some of them to try VirtualBox but most would rather complain about something they know than try something new.

Oh well, just wanted to give my $0.02 about VirtualBox and no I don't work for Sun!

Oh and for those of you afraid to take the 64-bit Linux plunge, I'm running Hardy Heron and I have absolutely NO issues with 32 bit vs 64 bit. AND I get my full 4GB RAM plus a swap file. So my Winderz VM get 1GB RAM still leaving give or take 3GB for Linux.


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