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Comment Of course, criminals will not cross the Baltic (Score 1) 314

Note that the article says "take out of circulation" not make illegal, so you would still be able to carry 500 EUR; and since Finland is in the Schengen area, you can take a ferry or go to Sweden without going through customs where they would still be legal. And let's not get started on a 1300 km. border with Russia; Russia would of course enforce a ban on 500 EUR notes. At least in the article the head of the Finnish Central Bank is against the idea (I know, I know, I read the article)

Comment If only... (Score 5, Insightful) 178

there were a method to codify books as electromagnetic signals, and a transport network to deliver such signals to devices capable of displaying the decodified content. Imagine the added benefit of not having to fly around 1 or 2 kilos of material, with all the energy savings that would imply. nahh, that's impossible

Comment SIM tracking? (Score 5, Interesting) 163

Tracking the SIM is ridiculous for detecting stolen phones. A thief that is not brain dead will turn it off immediately and discard the SIM, if they don't do so already. If you really want to stop mobiles from being stolen, the simple solution is IMEI blocking at phone company level. The IMEI cannot be changed since it is normally written in write-once memory, and it may even be illegal to change. The wikipedia article is super clear in the first lines: . A phone blocked at IMEI level is useless since it cannot be used even with a different SIM, so the sale value is almost nil, only valuable for parts. Tracking IMSIs can be used for other purposes, like tracking non-stolen phones or more interesting the owners. The article is quite scant on details, so not a lot can be assumed.

Comment Re:You are doomed (Score 2) 366

How I wish the parent were wrong, but he is dead on the spot. Unfortunately, unless you can convince someone up the chain that quality matters, you are going to keep in state forever. Quality is not free, though the returns outweigh the costs. I can assume that the OP just gets a request get M features in N time, when it will certainly take 2N to create the features, and there is no way to either change M or N. So my advice is the same, just polish your resume.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 342

to make the analogy even better, the video feed should contain also what the neighbours do inside their houses because they may be the thieves. And also record just in case they are doing drugs or they are paedophiles. But pinky swear, we are going to be super-duper respectful of your privacy and never use the information we obtained for any other purposes.

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