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Comment East Bay Express has conflict of interest here (Score 2, Interesting) 202

Yelp directly competes with East Bay Express for restaurant reviews, and their "Best of" awards, so no surprise that the Express would run a Hit piece against Yelp. Moreover, the Express has also had controversies of its own in how it does reader "rankings" of local restaurants. And for those of us trying to improve local public transit, the author of this EB-Express article is very well known for her slanted and inaccurate hit pieces against AC Transit (the local bus service).

Comment Re:The problem with buses (Score 1) 180

I don't have bus-reliability issues. I don't even have bus crowding issues. I have bus-slowness issues. Much slower than cars. They make many stops.

This bus automated steering project is being investigated as part of an overall BRT line, running from Berkeley to San Leandro. The BRT would have buses running in dedicated lanes making fewer stops (roughly every 1/4 mile). The BRT, running on 3-minute headways, would be substantially faster than cars, due to signal prioritization and the exclusive lanes.

If the BRT project goes forward, it could serve as a model all over the US, providing quality public transit (comparable to tram or light-rail) but at tiny fraction of the cost.


Submission + - Peter Tuddenham, voice of Blakes 7 computers, dies (independent.co.uk) 1

bikerider7 writes: Peter Tuddenham has died at the age of 60. He was the voice of three computers in the BBC cult sci-fi series "Blakes 7" — Zen, Orac, and Slave. He was in 49 of the 52 episodes in the series and gave each computer a distinctive personality. Zen, the dour and efficient master computer of Liberator; Orac, the haughty super-brain-in-a-box; and Slave, the dim-witted computer on Scorpio.

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