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Submission + - Irish Data Protection Commissioner ordered to investigate Facebook data (www.rte.ie)

bigtomrodney writes: Following last week's ruling by the European Court of Justice ruling on Safe Harbour, the Irish High Court has quashed the former decision of the Data Protection Commissioner not to investigate Facebook. In the current vacuum of legislation and given that this challenge is directly focussed on US intelligence agency's gathering of European citizen's data, this makes for interesting times ahead.
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Submission + - Commodore4eva Defeats Microsofts Xbox360 XGD3 Disc (c4evaspeaks.com)

bigtomrodney writes: Renowned Xbox360 Hacker Commodore4eva has not only released his typical custom firmware for Xbox360s allowing them to play home-burned DVDs, but has gone one step further. He has now released his iXtreme Burner Max firmware for PC DVD burners to allow burning a total of 8.7GB to standard dual layer blanks. This allows, ahem, backup enthusiasts to make a full copy of the non-standard and larger than usual XGD3 format discs and again defeat the latest round of Microsofts anti-piracy measures.

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