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Comment 3,333,333 x $30k salaries (Score 1) 563

Government can't create jobs, it can only re-purpose money.

Now, if he wants to hold a consortium a la IETF/W3C to create a standard format for records, I'd be all for that. Foster an open source community to create software for those formats, based on the investments of interested parties, more power to him.

These records should not be kept in a central location, rather they should be used as a means to exchange information between providers more easily.

Comment No way. (Score 3, Informative) 262

While I like the idea of RentACoder or Guru, the people posting jobs on those sites are mindbogglingly cheap rubes. For example:

You have been invited by the buyer to participate in a project on for the following bid request:

Title:Java web application, jdbc, jsp, payment integration.
Description:Type: Web app.; Using: Java, J2EE, JDBC, JSP, MySql, Javascripts, all browsers.
Requires completing a non-disclosure agreement, NDA, to obtain full project details and percentage of deposit held in escrow to hedge against and minimize project risk.

Some of the project deliverables are:
* Integration of live/real-time payment processing
* Multi-Account registration
* Various user groups with varying access levels
* Site navigation hyperlinks
* Region specific clock and news updates
* Content management interface
* Administrator console/panel
* Dynamically generated pages and panels with scrolling content
* Password reset utility/Account lockout security feature
* Directories
* Newsletter feature
* Triggers, Auto-notification, Stored procedures
* Built in Node-aware sniffer and product licensing
* Software update-deploy utility
* Packaged executable interfacing with web application
* Search, sorts, queries and data manipulation utilities
* Consistent page design and theme
* Database design normalized for optimal performance
* Language conversion utility
* Thorough documentation

Categories:Web, Microsoft Windows, Database, Language Specific, Java, Requirements, Operating Systems / Platforms, UNIX, Internet Browser, Security, Web Services, Linux, MySQL, Java Server Pages (JSP), Search Engine Optimization, Javascript, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Software Related (Includes Websites)
Max Bid:$250

Like hell. That's a representative sample. Don't even get me started on the requests for clone sites.


Submission + - Boston Tea Party Internet Money Bomb

7-Vodka writes: Most political campaigns are run from the top down. Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's campaign is a self-organizing distributed movement with virtually no central control that uses the Internet as it's infrastructure. This campaign was receiving very little attention until last month when an independent supporter, Trevor Lyman, helped to organize a fundraiser that raised $4.3M on November 5th. Because the November 5th fundraiser had a Guy Fawkes theme and the political shock waves were massive, it was nicknamed the 'Money Bomb'.

Today December 16th Trevor has organized another Money Bomb fundraiser, this time to celebrate the Boston Tea Party. The big news is that the total number of donations and funds raised are already shattering all previous records. Please take this as an opportunity to get to know Dr. Ron Paul, a 10 term congressman from Texas and where he stands on issues. If like all of us who are breaking records today, you feel Dr. Paul has more to offer than any other candidate out there you will know what to do.

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