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Comment What a comedian! (Score 1) 16

LMFAO Mitt Romney has a great sense of humour. What better way of keeping him topical is there, than to create some lulzworthy story about him. I cant stop laughing at the idea of planes with windows that can open It's absolutely brilliant. I dont think he's an idiot I reckon he is a troll. It's brilliant. I dont know why you wouldnt vote for someone like that You'd all be laughing for the next 4 or 5 years

Comment Re:Oh the European Union ! (Score 1) 166

there is a massive difference between some religious extremist researching how to make bombs from household products and a fully qualified engineer researching the subject of demolition. I would go further and say that websites advocating terrorism should not only be blocked but their owners prosecuted and imprisoned. Which planet are you living on? You're certainly not from planet earth I know that much. In london 5 home made bombs exploded on busses and trains which killed and injured people and injured them in life altering ways. I think regarding your assertion that I need psychiatric help, well I think you've probably proved to a great many people on the internet that your vitriol is worthy of psychiatric attention itself. Let me know if life gets too much for you, my brother in law is a psychiatrist I will be able to get some help on the cheap for you

Comment Oh the European Union ! (Score 2) 166

Well the way things are going in the EU it doesn't seem likely it will be around in 10 or 12 years time. They are already breaking up in terms of monetary union. Besides which, every story like this attracts a whole flurry of comments like "OMG the government is gonna be watching us - time to go live on the moon" I dont see what is wrong with trying to stop people accessing information which is clearly only there to either assist in weapons making or to provide resources for people who want to cause widespead terror. What is more frightening is the demands the British government are seeking to put on Wikipedia regarding the monitoring and blocking of certain web pages to british citizens The Home Office has admitted it cannot force foreign companies like Google and Facebook to hand over sensitive personal data and is relying on people like Wales to agree to do so voluntarily. Elsewhere World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee also weighed in against the bill. "In Britain, like in the US, there has been a series of Bills that would give government very strong powers to, for example, collect data. I am worried about that," he told The Times. "If the UK introduces draconian legislation that allows the Government to block websites or to snoop on people, which decreases privacy, in future indexes they may find themselves further down the list."

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 279

It might interest you to know that by far the largest proportion of people on the planet do not live like we do in central and North america and central Europ, but have a vastly different culture. It is the rest of the world that comments on our lifestyle. I think most educated people would realise your comments are just a troll Either that or you havnt bothered to watch the video Its trash and a parody of islam, not a blow by blow defamation of it but a sort of badly made slapstic comedy

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 957

If you are going to condemn religion why are you using its own terminology? To call islam evil is simply playing into their hands. "Evil" is a mythological term created to instill fear into non-believers of whichever religions use the term Wouldnt it be easier just to say the leaders of islam are corrupt war mongering money heads just like our politicians are? All that islam has become in Iran etc etc is a few wealthy corrupt politicians using fear and blind obedience to subdue and manipulate a population

Submission + - Light Wakes Tadpoles from New Anesthetic (

carmendrahl writes: "Now, it's shine and rise. Researchers have adapted a popular anesthetic so it can be switched off with blue-violet light. In a video, tadpoles exposed to the molecule wake up immediately with light shining on them, but when the light is moved away the effect is reversed and the tadpoles go back under.

The team developed the molecule in order to control responses to the neurotransmitter GABA. They aren't sure how useful the new molecule will be in anesthesia. They're planning to determine whether it might help improve visual responses in the retina, because GABA is involved in the biology of vision."

Comment whos prophet is it? (Score 1) 957

One point these so called religious leaders fail to explain is why I should revere the persona of their prophet, if A) I do not believe he is a prophet, and B) Even if he is important in any other way, politically, I have no desire to respect the person nor those who follow that persons teachings Otherwise arrest me now for stating that, Karl Marx is a pig, eating flea dirt in the bottom of a barrel, because a statement like that would be on a par with any statement I would have to make about any religious cult of any type and their so called prophets. If they cannot prove there is a god they cannot prove he is a prophet. I certainly have no respect for islam whatsoever, and further more I would make a case in court that it is only blasphemous to say so if these people can bring me absolute unequivocal proof of the existence of a god! The same goes to christians and any other religion

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