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Comment Re:Compare with Nas4Free? (Score 1) 115

I used to use freeNas 7 (before they rebuilt it) and was happy with that. When FreeNas 8 came out it had less features that v7 and Nas4Free was forked soon after with newer ZFS etc. so i moved to that and have been happy ever since. the only thing (not sure about freenas 8+) is that installing other software in jails is a pain at best but i currently have mySQL, ownCloud and virtualbox installed and running on Nas4Free.

FreeNas 9 probably has a nicer interface and the plugins probably remove the hassle of dealing with jails. so I would say look at the features and see if either is missing anything you need. if you definitely need some third party software then i would suggest trying FreeNas9.

Oh i also run the the embedded version of Nas4Free which is installed on a usb drive to free up HD slots not sure if that is possible with freenas9

Comment Re:Awesome! (Score 1) 88

while you may be right, you would be using the wrong tool for the job if you tried it like that. Of course firmware won't weatherproof your camera, nobody claims it will. HOWEVER, hardware is not the only thing being upgraded as you go up the line from rebels up to X-D, software is also being upgraded and in some cases if you want a particular software feature, you have to get a higher end body. This is what magic lantern addresses at its core and then adds on additional software features.

If you are someone that requires those features you list (two cards slots or weathersealing for eg) then you are most likely a pro and should invest in a higher end body.

On another note i could really do with a 70D now lol T3i has been great but starting to run into some limits (Avid enthusiast/amatuer)

Comment Re:Awesome! (Score 1) 88

His point wasn't about zooming, it was about image quality. and i use to use a bridge camera (SX100 10x zoom) for the same reasons yourself especially the macro but after going DSLR about 4 years ago i cant go back to the noisy mess that are point and shoots. Funny thing is i thought the images from the powershot were great until i started shooting with a DSLR. even the kit lens would give cleaner and sharper images.

Comment Re:It won't work (Score 1) 368

Oh wait, it's in the TFS. Guess what function of the ring is no longer needed if friction is eliminated? Good thing you posted AC.

They plan to reduce/eliminate friction between the piston head and cylinder walls , the link between the piston head and the piston rod still needs to be lubricated which is what the gp was pointing out that they didnt consider or didnt mention in the article.
maybe you should read the comment you are replying to.

Comment Re:Canon seems to be hacker friendly (Score 1) 171

just some minor corrections.
CHDK and ML dont replace the Canon firmware. They are actuall firmware addons that run alongside and require the Canon firmware (hence why you can still use the camera with an sd card that doesnt have CHDK or ML on it).
CHDK actually came first and ML used their work and methods to get similar stuff done to DSLRS.

both are amazing software and i actually used CHDK back in the day while i was saving up for my first DSLR and recently put ML on my t3i for a few of the focus features. I just wisjh the motion detection on ML was as good as some of the scripts on CHDK. maybe i should look into porting some over.

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