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Comment Depends (Score 1) 1086

It depends on what you want to do. Here's a simple example: if you want to write games with Unity then basic maths will see you just fine, but if you wanted to write your own competitor to Unity, then you'd need a higher level of maths. Same applies to OGRE, and Bullet, and... the list goes on.

Submission + - Slutbot passes turning test. (roughtype.com)

dotancohen writes: "
Russian crooks have unleashed an artificial intelligence, called CyberLover, that poses as a would-be paramour in sex chat rooms, enticing randy gentlemen to reveal personal information that can then be put to criminal use. Amazingly, the slutbot appears to be successful in convincing targets that it's a real person.
Even CmdrTaco hasn't yet convinced me that [it||he] is a real person. I can't wait to get scammed by this thing."

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