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Comment Re:I'm no car expert.. (Score 1) 717

This is a stupid idea, but not just because it's going to hit people who can't afford it hardest.

Already the government is beginning to notice that people are moving to more fuel-efficient cars - and tax revenues are down! To compensate, do you think they'd raise taxes? That would be unpopular with everyone, so they want to put GPS in everyone's car to tax your mileage. Now, let's think about this - why wouldn't they just use odometer readings? Now, the government can point to people and say "these few people are *stealing* from you!" and nobody notices that they can track anyone, anywhere, anytime they use a car. It's kulaks all over again, except for people who don't want to live in urban areas.

Comment Preparing the Inquisition already? (Score 5, Insightful) 1127

If you have so little confidence in your crew, why are they still working for you?

Generally speaking, most professional men above the age of 20 that are managed properly will behave properly. The fact that you feel your crew will not behave properly speaks volumes about your management.

This little set of "exercises" you have planned seems like a witch hunt - something you do when you need a scapegoat. I'm glad I don't work with you.

Submission + - How do we get smooth animation on Linux?

Chemisor writes: For animation to be smooth, you need to do three things. First, draw to an offscreen buffer to avoid flicker. Second, swap buffers during the vblank interval to avoid tearing. Third, synchronize animation frames to vblank interval to avoid stuttering. Thirty years ago, the X11 SYNC extension was designed with this exact purpose in mind, but except for one failed attempt in 2006, a vblank counter still has not been implemented. VBlank detection capability also exists via the DRI2 extension, but DRI2 is only available with open source drivers, can not be used remotely, and has no Xlib API. OpenGL can synchronize buffer swapping, but only in 3D application, and only synchronously via glFinish. As things currently stand, smooth animation is not possible to implement under X, so here's a question for you, Slashdot: what can we do about this? Whom can we beg or pay for this functionality, so important if we are ever to see any games on Linux?

Comment The talent shortage is real. (Score 2) 1201

I work for a company that just did a round of hiring for Support Engineers in the Valley. For this job, we require a decent working knowledge of Linux (or relevant *nix), basic scripting, and case handling skills. There were other, more specialized skills we also looked for, but competent Unix driver would suffice. We don't need hardened sysadmin, just people who aren't helpless when they see #. Sounds easy, right?

This was the first time I interviewed candidates. We went through piles of resumes to weed out candidates that weren't a good fit (no Unix/scripting/etc) and then started interviews.

I was honestly stunned at by the sheer number of lies on resumes. Candidates would advertise "5+ years of Linux experience" when in fact they had zero Unix skills. They couldn't name 10 Unix commands, let alone how they were used. Out of 300 candidates for 8 positions, we got 3 usable hires - out of Silicon Valley! The talent shortage wasn't due to salaries - we were offering decent money, even considering west coast cost-of-living. The candidates we got weren't even as talented as I would have preferred, but they were usable, and trainable.

I can't excuse the tactics immigration attorneys are using to stuff cheap H1B visas down our throats - we've seen too much of that already. I see the job postings with "Requires 20+ years of Linux experience," "15+ years of Java experience" - for 40K. H1B visas need to pay actual, prevailing wages, and they certainly don't now. That garbage needs to be stopped, now.

The talent shortage might be due to any number of external causes, but it certainly does exist.

Comment kdawson, master of useless summaries (Score 5, Interesting) 150

Atlassian makes code tracking and corporate-friendly wiki products. They're pretty nice, actually. It's pretty easy to write plugins that add flexible functionality to their products. I was and am a pretty big fan of Jira and Confluence, and they're pretty responsive to their customers. Their products are (last I checked) pretty reasonably priced, and integrate into Subversion, CVS, and other source control products pretty easily - including Git.

Last I checked, Git didn't really lend itself to project issue tracking - which is what Jira does. So if you must bitch about non-free Jira, you could at least make an *intelligent* article comparison to a open-source issue-tracker like Trac (another excellent product).

Alas, we're unlikely to see any intelligent comparisons from kdawson. The "lazy-shrug" dept is all too relevant here, but not for the reasons kdawson used it.

Comment Re:What could (Score 1) 403

when I stuck my tongue out when it rained, I didn't taste any salt at all,

If I was choosing my nick again I would be the RTFT-TROLL (yes; that loud)

Here it is; the article title again, but this time a bit marked up for those of you so bloody stupid you can't see it.

First when I joined this site, it was read the summary, then it's read the article... now it's read the title too? Screw this, I'm leaving this site. I was more than content to just pick a word or three (changing a few) to base my wild speculation on (such as "Gates Salt(ing) Clouds")

When I joined this site, all you could read was "First Post!", posts about some petrified chick with grits, and rants by open-source cavemen.

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