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Comment Re:No Linux? Bah. (Score 2) 207

Here's the thing with making benchmarks under Linux:
People will have something against your methodology no matter what. "X is faster than Y under windowing toolkit Z" or "No wonder X beat Y when you didn't even install kernel patch Z" or "You better retest this on kernel version X because Y is known to ..."

Sure you can give ballpark estimations on a specific setup but that's about it.

Comment Re:Ugh (Score 1) 280

Maybe we have a different definition of "solved"

My point was that there is a remarkable amount of people trying to solve a problem that you claim to be solved.

If there were a successful movie shot with a cell-phone cam would you call cinematography solved? What I am saying is not that "better looking" games make better games but that there are games that gain tremendous value from new technology that allows them to look more believable.

Comment Re:Perhaps not more common, just more visible (Score 1) 213

I wish they would stop their "look what we can do" campaign. If you are gonna do some cracking then keep it to yourself and your l33t crew-mates. The only thing that the publicity is going to give us is even more stupid internet regulations which won't affect the guys behind an array of proxies anyhow. It's like they are hellbent on annoying not only corporations but also provoking governments into more regulations.

Comment Re:Why South Korea? (Score 1) 186

Well I think China quite likes the idea of a communist country with a huge army as a buffer between them and the US-allied south.
But they are well-advised to not support them officially, since they don't want to get drawn in into a war with America currently as it supplies them with consumers for their products. Also in case they do supply North Korea with Intel they better do so under the condition that they not start a nuclear war since atomic mushrooms in your neighboring countries are never a good thing.

So imo their best bet right now is to officially distance themselves but secretly support them under certain conditions. But having information about the nearest country with US Troops stationed sounds like something they could use themselves.

Comment Re:Unnecessarily complex? (Score 1) 453

I find your points for the alarm somehow valid but chrome is a browser. Most people use browser for extended periods of time. That's why they write the keyboard shortcuts next to the menu items. They want you to use the keyboard shortcuts. Because not learning shortcuts for a software that you often use is just a waste. I basically never use the menu of chrome anymore (except for setting options).
And I didn't learn all shortcuts at once but naturally as I used a function for the 10th time and saw the keycombo next to it.
So now I use CTRL + t , w , r, esc , tab , shift+tab, shift+n, j, s, d and of course f, x, c and v and F6. If you learn a shortcut every week, you'll quickly get faster.

Comment Re:Or importantly.... (Score 1) 56

I am sorry to tell you this but Starcraft 2 has no LAN mode and BNET 2.0 has screwed over more than its fair share of LAN tournament games and even screwed up a few games in the GSL, the biggest professionally produced Starcraft league.

As if that is not bad enough, I am pretty sure Diablo 3 will have no LAN either. Yay for Blizzard.

Comment Re:False flag? (Score 1) 106

I don't think anybody is going to call him tin-foil hat crazy because he essentially said:
"The timing seems suspiciously convenient, we should consider the possibility that this was staged."

you call 'em tin-foil hat crazy when they say:
"The timing is suspicious, it was an inside job"

Regarding the things the US government has done to get legitimization for what they want (immediate reason for the start of the Vietnam war) this would be a perfectly reasonable thing to do for them if it was really high priority to them (which I kinda doubt).
But they have to think twice nowadays before staging something because of the potential repercussions if it's leaked shortly after they're done.

Comment Re:Seriously... (Score 3, Insightful) 729

honestly these guys are full of shit. I come out of a family with a long tradition of strict religion but me and both my siblings are non religious. Sure this is only anecdotal evidence but the article also doesn't have the data 100% on its side. Their entire study is based on this sentence:
"an individual’s predisposition toward religion is likely to be influenced by genetics"

This is just another way to spread the fear against muslims and other religious groups. I just wish this fear wouldn't encounter such fertile ground here in europe. Stop the fearmongering ffs.

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