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Comment Re:Religion is a mental disorder (Score 1) 326

That works for all the other delusions as well. Religions, cults, conspiracy theories, SJWs... same shit, different name.

In the end, they all claim to have the moral high ground, they claim they have the truth, they have zero problem with internal contradictions and anyone who dares to tell them that they're crazy, and offer logical, conclusive examples on why they are, are heretics/shills/whatever.

Cynicism about other people's beliefs work that way too.

Comment Re: The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 1) 1140

Certainly. Seems more likely we will see proxy currencies emerging which are baskets of other currencies in order to manage risk of value fluctuations. Really it is the smaller countries that are not aligned with a major currency that are going to be de facto taxed.

I am not actually suggesting that we overnight go towards a UBI, but if you see some sort of steady increases in things like the earned income tax credit and pay for it through borrowing from the Federal Reserve, then I think we could move towards a UBI from there without major disruptions to the economy.

Comment Re: The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 1) 1140

Um, that's the least libertarian thing imaginable. Steal from everyone working, pay people who won't.. . And somehow everything is magically fixed!

Except that it's a stupid fucking idea that would destroy our society in months.

Not an ideal of libertarian thinking no... the point is to give people money they can use towards whatever they freely choose versus a thousand different social welfare programs that create a top down approach and impose solutions on people.

There are many people that are incompetent, so just handing out money won't work for everyone. But for people that are simply without enough money to boot strap themselves, giving them money without strings attached would be better than giving them money with all sorts of hassles and oversight which traps them in "the system".

Maybe that means some 3 strikes rule where you get your cash for a while, but if you blow it all and still end up showing up at the soup kitchen looking for free meals then you are cut off and go under supervision and are provided services instead of money because you are incompetent to manage money.

The point is that the libertarian view of social programs is that many are a necessary evil, but they should be reformed as much as possible

Comment Re: The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 1) 1140

I get your point, but as it stands now new currency is input into the economy only when the Federal reserve makes a profit and pays the Federal government and the Federal government turns around and increases spending by that amount.

Otherwise all that currency creation which goes into the economy based on loans by the Federal Reserve eventually must be paid back which means taking capital out of the economy. It is a zero sum game and it isn't clear that there is a great deal of understanding about that and the effect it has on the economy to have such restraint on currency creation.

Comment Re: The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 1) 1140

Not that simple. Since the US is a Reserve and Global currency. "Making" trillions more money since 2008 hasn't created much inflation because the US dollar is used not just within our economy, but as a currency used in international trade. In essence the US can tax global trade to some extent before we create inflation at home with additional currency creation in the US.

Comment Re: The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 1) 1140

Libertarians view the UBI as a potential way to eliminate the bureaucracy surrounding the administration of many social welfare programs.

    Where you have billions being spent to "help" people helping the helpers rather than those in need. Give all people a UBI and you can let people determine their own needs, rather than having government workers paid to determine people's needs.

Comment Re: The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 3, Insightful) 1140

Using taxes to provide a UBI is stupid. The only way it works is to have the Federal Reserve create the money to pay out through the Federal government. This is not about wealth redistribution, but providing some basic level of capital that isn't zero.

The only question is what that does to inflation and whether that creates a de facto "tax" on the economy. As long as increases to the basic income are inline with increases in inflation then it is manageable. So the basic income should be enough to live on in the most affordable places, but not so much that it acts merely as an inflation causing subsidy.

Comment Re:Barn door? (Score 5, Insightful) 212

...allowed the wholesale search of business records without constitutionally valid warrants.

Remember, the failure isn't just the Legislative branch. It is also the Judicial branch, which doesn't smack these down and punish the offenders. And it's the executive branch, which seeks patently illegal powers. We have a complete breakdown in the checks and balances system, which is supposed to prevent these abuses.

Since the first line of the "judicial branch" is a secret court that works without public oversight or even effective Congressional oversight, I think the real judicial branch gets a bit of a first pass on this. Our courts are set up in an adversarial way where you need to have two sides with clear standing to be able to seek judicial review. Even getting discovery requires some proof of standing. And then you run into state secrets being asserted.

Even with the Snowden disclosures by the time you get to court you have an old document that says you were spied upon in the past and which logically means that you are likely being spied on now, but some courts are saying that it doesn't matter because the order expired or there is a new law now and you can't prove you are being spied on now and whether you are or not it is classified. So I will give you the point that the courts are using esoteric legal theory to bury their (our) heads in the sand even though the clear pattern of abuse of the constitution is being established.

The level of willful disregard for the evidence that we have seen in some 4th amendment court cases would be like the courts saying well you have video of a gun being fired in the direction of the person and then the person falling down with a gunshot wound, but how can we really know that there was a bullet in the air since it isn't hanging in the air now.

Comment Re: Meanwhile (Score 1) 392

Yes, in the day since this was posted and while this "debate" has been going on about a hundred people died in car crashes... just in the US. Hundreds more were seriously injured. That is the reality.

Just fix the damn problem with crashing into trucks that cut people off and carry on trying to save lives with autonomous car controls.

If any cars have proven themselves unsafe it is ones with manual controls.

Comment Re: Fix the design flaw, but still relatively saf (Score 1) 265

I don't think your arbitrary "few more years of work" standard is of much value. If it takes minutes to fix, then so be it.

Just need to make sure it defaults to stopping if the path isn't clear and then the worst thing a distracted driver can do is miss the exit.

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