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Journal Journal: Liberals get a taste of their own medicine

This is too good to pass up. Remember when Bill Clinton used to go around saying that he was so in touch with the needs of the black community that he was "the first black president?' Well, Kerry proved that he was no Bill Clinton when he stuck his foot in his mouth and broke it off last week. Here's what happened.

In an interview with the American Urban Radio Network, Kerry said "President Clinton was often known as the first black president. I wouldn't be upset if I could earn the right to be the second." Well, considering neither one of those guys were black, you can predict what happened next.

Paula Diane Harris, founder of the Andrew Young National Center for Social Change, a civil rights and legal services advocacy group, had this to say: "John Kerry is not a black man - he is a privileged white man who has no idea what it is to be a poor white in this country, let alone a black man." She also criticized civil rights leaders who "sit back and ignore these types of comments, a practice that further insults African-Americans." The revenge of political correctness strikes again.

Always nice when the liberals get some of their own medicine.

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Journal Journal: More oil in the news

Here is more news that will probably make it into the liberal media outlets.

A large contributor to the GOP from New Mexico was just granted restricted use for drilling rights in Otero Mesa, New Mexico.

The contributor has links to Dick Cheney (oh great, here we go again) and The Bureau of Land Management "surrendered to the demands of one oil company and the political power of the name to which it was connected," the Campaign to Protect America's Lands said Thursday in contrasting the Bush administration's plan for Otero Mesa with the Clinton administration's.

The other side said, "a special interest fund-raising group that focuses exclusively on partisan misinformation." Among its supporters is Eric Schaeffer, who resigned from the Environmental Protection Agency, contending the Bush White House was undermining anti-pollution efforts at power plants that violate clean air laws.

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Journal Journal: International Support for Kerry 1

"If the human race as a whole, rather than 50 states plus the District of Colombia, could cast a ballot this coming November, John Kerry would surely win the presidency by a landslide."

Why would John Kerry win a world-wide election for president of the United States? The rest of the world would like to see a weaker America. The weaker we are, the stronger they can become. The less our influence, the greater is theirs. The rest of the world would like to see America grovel at their feet for permission to use our military in our own self defense, to protect Americans and American interests across the globe. The rest of the world wants to see America engage in a glorified international game of "Mommy May I?", with the useless United Nations as the mommy. And --- you know what? John Kerry is ready to give the rest of the world exactly what it wants. Kerry has been hammering Bush for what Kerry believes to be his foreign policy failures. What failures? The failure to get the permission of the rest of the world for every action he takes in the international theatre. John Kerry wants to subordinate the sovereignty of the United States to the authority of the United Nations and the international community, and the international community loves him for it.

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Journal Journal: Democrats new buzz word, "Internationalize"

What are the Democrats really seeking with their "time to internationalize" statements? First of all, they know that rank-and-file Americans aren't really aware of the level at which countries like Spain, Argentina, Italy and, of course, Britain are already participating. They pander to this ignorance with their "internationalize now" comments. Secondly, the Democrats want an increased role for the disgraced United Nations. The UN failed to enforce 12 years of sanctions against Hussein. The UN sat and did virtually nothing while Hussein murdered and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of his own people. The UN cut and ran as soon as Saddam's insurgents fired a few rocket propelled grenades in their direction. Now the Democrats want the UN to step in and take over Iraq's reconstruction. These are American politicians who have been working for years to surrender American sovereignty -- a bit here, a bit there -- to the United Nations and to various international tribunals such as the UN World Court and the new and very frightening international criminal court.
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Journal Journal: Yesterday's Howard Dean

Oh ... and let's mention Howard Dean yesterday. He says that the capture of Saddam Hussein has not made America any safer. We now know for a certainty that Howard Dean is a fool. He has eliminated all doubt. Here is a man who wants to be the president of the United States who believes that America would be just as safe if Saddam were still free as it is with Saddam in custody. He may be a fine doctor ... don't know. But with that statement Howard Dean has proved himself to be spectacularly unprepared and incapable.
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Journal Journal: Columbia House phone survey

Since I am member of Columbia House DVD club, I got an interesting phone call the other day. It was a phone survey and they asked if I would participate. Since BattleStar Gallactica wasn't on yet, I said sure.

The questions were normal, "How many DVDs have you bought within the last 3 months?", "Will you purchase new release DVDs within the next 3 months?" and so forth.

Near the end of the survey, the guy asked a question that perked my ears up, "Have you ever downloaded movies from the Internet?" WTF!!?? HUH??

I tried to get the guy to rephrase the question. Do you mean IBM commercial/movies? BMW short films? Movies from iFilm? I answered yes because techinically I have downloaded those films from the Internet. But the question still remains is why they were asking it in the first place.

Now we hear today that the ex head of the ATF is now in charge of the anti-piracy divison of the RIAA. Are we going to start seeing Waco type events for music and movie downloaders?

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Journal Journal: Random Thoughts

These quotes are from the random thoughts section of Neil Boortz. I just love this guy. Even though he is a Libertarian, he hits the head of the ball everytime.

"For those of you who think that Islamic Terrorism is the greatest threat to our country ... you're wrong. The greatest threat to the continuation of freedom and economic liberty in the United States right now is Hillary Clinton.

Liberals hate competition. The competitive spirit leads to individual accomplishments and excellence. Competition is, at its core, an individualistic enterprise. The hatred of competition goes hand-in-hand with the left's war on individuality.

One of my favorite quotes of all time, from Joseph Sobran: "Politicians never accuse you of 'greed' for wanting other people's money --- only for wanting to keep your own money."

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Journal Journal: GOP commercial

In a later clip, President Bush is shown pointing out that his opponents want to wait until the terrorist threat to us is imminent before taking action. They would prefer to retreat and put our national security in the hands of others, he says. A graphic then encourages people to support President Bush's policy of preemptive self-defense.

Democrats, including Senator Tom Daschle, started screaming bloody murder about the unfairness of the ad. You see, it's OK for Democrats to lie about Republicans wanting to starve schoolchildren, but it's wrong for Republicans to tell the truth about the Democrats' policies of appeasement toward terrorists and nations supporting them.

Nothing is more legitimate than for Republicans to highlight their opponents' dangerous policies in the war on terror. Instead of withdrawing the ads, Republicans should produce dozens more and saturate the airwaves.

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Journal Journal: Moron of the day

The moron of the day goes to the protestors trying to sue the Army for use of "noise tactics" and "psychological operation" during the annual protest of the School of the Americas.

Just what are these "psychological operations"? The Army played a tape of "God Bless America" and the "Army Song"

The protestors blame the school for human rights violations in Latin America (although the school moved from Panama 14 years ago).

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Journal Journal: Speaking of publicity whores...

Guess who is now trying to weasel himself into the Jackson case? Yeah, that pathetic has-been washed-up race warlord Jesse Jackson is speaking out. He's talking about an "invasion" of Michael Jackson's home, and claiming that the home was "ransacked." He called the police operation a "seize and destroy" operation. He even found a way to compare Michael Jackson's situation with that of Rush Limbaugh!

When is the media just going to let this weary discredited warlord go off somewhere to a well-deserved obscurity?

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Journal Journal: Anything political

You ever notice when you post something political or reply to something political, you also get modded down to Flamebait or Troll. That tells me a lot about the people of /.
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Journal Journal: Troll tards are out

Man, it just disturbs me when some retard mods me to a 'Troll' when the post I make is pretty good and gets a lot of replies. I really think there are people out there who just wanna mod 'Troll' for the heck of it.
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Journal Journal: SPURS!!!

What an awesome game last night. Duncan with this triple double and David's supreme effort seeing how this is his last game.

I hope the world is watching because when OUR team wins we don't ransack and burn shit in our city. Its called R E S P E C T !

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Journal Journal: My beloved Spurs

Watching my beloved Spurs tonight. Man, I hope they win. If anybody has been caught up in the game, you should know the Spurs go thru this stage where they give up, then next game they rock, suck, rock, suck, rock, etc... I just wish for ONE TIME they would play like the Lakers and show no mercy.

Answer me this, WHY did we win against the Lakers when we can't even beat the measily team of New Jersey?

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